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How To Use Arrogance In A Sentence?

  • They ought to have the arrogance knocked out of them before they left medical school.
  • Belfort was young and handsome, but his face expressed arrogance and superciliousness.
  • As the arrogance of the race has thus met a rebuke, so has the egotism of the individual.
  • The arrogance of the elect is hard to bear, and it is not wonderful that the debate waxed hot.
  • His slight arrogance of bearing had gone; he gave one a most unpleasant impression.
  • His arrogance sickened, shrivelled up; even his possessions suddenly seemed to him insignificant.
  • They captured most, without remorse or plea, And grew as proud as arrogance could be.
  • He had much of the arrogance of a German official, so out of place in an American representative.
  • There was none of that conceited arrogance behind which most of the vocal celebrities hide themselves.
  • He spoke without rudeness but with a certain arrogance and an obvious satisfaction at the situation.
  • In dealing with native races all white men have the pride of their colour and the arrogance of power.
  • It would have been a far more heroic thing to have pocketed the affront and overcome arrogance by generosity.
  • Thus were these wicked men, and those who adhered to them, destroyed for their arrogance and impiety.
  • Her piquant, ever-sprightly face had lost the arrogance that had troubled all his dreams of conquest.
  • Nor did they oppose and hate him for his new opinions, so much as from dislike of his personal arrogance and bitter sarcasms.
  • Carlyle "is arrogant and overbearing; but in his arrogance there is no bitterness, no self-love.
  • Even in the gloom he caught the steady-lidded arrogance of her kohl-darkened eyes and the bold insolence of a high cheek bone.
  • It is this arrogance that has brought about the bomb, and the more they tyrannize over a helpless and unarmed people, the more terrorism will grow.
  • The squire's pride was being slowly undermined, his arrogance seemed almost a contemptible thing.
  • Distrust and suspicion, arrogance and fear, with their train of calamities for the next hundred years distracted the island.
  • She had the unconscious arrogance of her class, a class perhaps, except as surviving in individuals, almost extinct.
  • This word was born of the hatred, arrogance and cruelty of those who love their enemies, and who, when smitten on one cheek, turn the other.
  • John Kenny was saying something more, about the arrogance of certainty; it was not completed, for someone was knocking.
  • Her mood was undeniably irritable; apparently she had laid in a stock of arrogance at Tornow, that would last her several days.
  • They are usually highly efficient, and their arrogance and high-handedness are tolerated because accompanied by a maximum of practical effectiveness.
  • With the arrogance of youth he quarrelled with the great master and did not hesitate to speak of him openly as a dotard who had outlived his usefulness and should yield his place to a younger genius.
  • The cattle-dealer alighted at his destination, greatly impressed by the affability of the noblemen, and convinced that all he had heard of their arrogance was false.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Arrogance | Arrogance Sentence

  • But this arrogance is calculated.
  • Their arrogance is busy in vain.
  • And observe the arrogance with which he speaks.
  • Thus do they roam in the wilderness of arrogance and pride.
  • Thy innocence doth arrogance upbraid.
  • But this bred in me an arrogance that proved my undoing.
  • Galileo continued to exasperate his enemies by his arrogance and sarcasms.
  • Human arrogance may be said to have reached its limit in the papacy.
  • Few countries have produced such arrogance and snobbishness as America.
  • This arrogance habitually exhibits itself in allusions to the French.
  • At this Mary burst out laughing, and all her arrogance was dissipated.
  • The Grand Duke, with all the arrogance of a real personage, was late.
  • Every wrinkle in the assessor's forehead told of arrogance and absolutism.

Definition of Arrogance

The state of being arrogant; a type of extreme or foolish pride in which someone feels much superior to another
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