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  • The most arrogant critic of other people?
  • It is a most arrogant letter and singularly inconclusive.
  • He will always think me an arrogant fool.
  • But the world of commerce is an arrogant master.
  • Miss Howe lifted an arrogant chin.
  • He and his family were an able, ambitious and arrogant race.
  • You seem to me more wrong and arrogant than I could trust myself to say.
  • An arrogant refusal led to the declaration of a strike on May 11, 1894.
  • Hamdi Bey turned his arrogant stare from young Ryder and looked down....
  • I know Bhagwan Singh for an arrogant and pitiless libertine, Enid.
  • How dared these arrogant mice make holes in his Majesty's cheese?

How To Use Arrogant In A Sentence?

  • On this occasion her arrogant feeling that she could direct everybody dwindled away.
  • Gone was the arrogant poise of the head which for forty years had dominated boards of directors.
  • The child shall be arrogant against the old man, and the base against the honorable.
  • Thereupon the general allowed it to pass, and gave it an arrogant message for the governor.
  • This witty rejoinder made the arrogant soldier frown, and the talk suddenly ceased.
  • Sweet are the honors the arrogant win, Hot from the breath of a crowd.
  • At times this self-importance was of such a boastful and arrogant character as to affect the observer disagreeably.
  • In the breast of one indeed it had blazed into a confidence so arrogant that he now took all for granted, and was not content.
  • The knights were arrogant and sneered at the foot soldiers; the men-at-arms did not trust the knights.
  • Not that there was anything about this great French sailor that was arrogant or offensively self-assertive.
  • He had, tempting as that was and safe as it seemed to his arrogant youth, found the decency and prudence to refuse.
  • After travelling about for some length of time they reached a town where lived a lovely but most arrogant Princess.
  • My very property was refused me with arrogant threats, for it was believed that I was to be put to the sword.
  • As for the rising generation, ne'er Has youth displayed such arrogant pretense.
  • There are now signs of the people resenting the arrogant assumption or power by the Moullas, and freeing themselves from their thraldom.
  • Peter was arrogant now and motioned to Trent to aid him in lifting some baggage to the top of the Panhard limousine.
  • He looked, and was, a typical Prussian, subserviently polite to his superiors and pointedly arrogant to those who were not.
  • It is impossible to conceive of a more thoroughly despicable, hateful, and arrogant being, than the Jewish god.
  • Your father is arrogant and miserly, and you have a right to be proud; but I love you, and the rest is a dream.
  • It was all in vain, as the Grand Commander was too arrogant and stupid to listen to advice from anybody.
  • No one who reads it will, I am sure, find the brief and somewhat comprehensive title either arrogant or misleading.
  • However, their arrogant relations with their neighbors and the extreme isolation in which they held themselves soon earned them the dislike and distrust of those about them.
  • It seemed to me then such an amazing, such an arrogant thing to define, to describe, to limit the awful mystery of the Creator and his purpose.
  • They simply demanded their "rights" which the arrogant and testy British Tories had shattered and were withholding from them.
  • Sir John's glance was the most purely arrogant that Edward Henry had ever encountered.
  • Feversham misliked Sir Rowland's arrogant tone, misliked his angry, scornful glance.
  • At first his attitude was one of apparent humility, but as time went on he regained his arrogant attitude and from his cell issued defiances to his captors.
  • Let us then, by all means, be proud of the virtues that we have not got; but let us not be too arrogant about the virtues that we cannot help having.
  • Here he was nobody, and very shy, and either a little too arrogant or a little too meek towards our very democratic mannered but still livened waiters.

Definition of Arrogant

Having excessive pride in oneself, often with contempt or disrespect for others.
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