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How To Use Arrogate In A Sentence?

  • It is easy for bigger and stronger people to arrogate to themselves a general superiority.
  • Even were my gifts much greater, I should not presume to arrogate to myself that honor.
  • Now, I must premise that I arrogate to myself no exhibitory rights in this lady.
  • I arrogate no great merit to myself in still preserving myself untainted in this vortex of folly and vice.
  • Men as vile as crime can make them, will arrogate to themselves the right to judge and censure others.
  • The priests arrogate the possession of judging exclusively and without appeal of a system evidently invented for their own utility.
  • Is it your vain and wicked object to arrogate to yourselves that power of annihilating the past which has been denied to Omnipotence itself?
  • She was an opponent to the virago type of advocates of the emancipation of women who desired to arrogate to themselves what is by natural laws the domain of man.
  • The superiority which men arrogate to themselves over other animals, is principally founded upon the opinion of possessing exclusively an immortal soul.
  • There is not one of them who would not object with vigour to take a single shilling less per week for the sake of progress, or any cause that might arrogate that title.

Definition of Arrogate

(transitive) To appropriate or lay claim to something for oneself without right. [from 1530s]
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