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  • The arrows were rattling down about them now.
  • The English arrows could not have touched me.
  • When the flights of arrows came they knelt behind their shields.
  • Weapons were lowered, bows unbent, and arrows put back in their quivers.
  • The hot arrows of Ee-ee-toy, that withered the crops, remind us of Apollo.
  • How all Love's arrows seek thy joy, Oh Sweet!

How To Use Arrows In A Sentence?

  • More followed, and he killed them one after another until his arrows were all gone.
  • And again the people came about him and handled his bow & arrows and laughed at them.
  • When they shot arrows at the bears, the bears would catch them and break them up.
  • And their arrows you flatten up with your teeth, and wear around your brows like a crown.
  • Apollo was himself a mighty archer, and had slain with his arrows the python of Delphi.
  • Minarets glistered, remote and ethereal, and tall spires lifted themselves like arrows in flight.
  • And he made a new bow & arrows and left them where he could find them, and went home.
  • What archer of his arrows is so choice, Or hits the white so surely?
  • The dolphins, "the arrows of the sea," were the great carriers of ancient times.
  • And in the East he put the Vahahkkee of Light over the fringe and the arrows of light over it.
  • Among the bones of these animals have been found the stone hatchets and flint arrows of our ancestors.
  • And the people, when they saw him, got their bows and arrows and surrounded him and were going to shoot him.
  • And they fired arrows at him, and some of them struck him, but could not pierce him, and then all were afraid of him.
  • She had broken away from the band, and the braves had sent their arrows after her in an attempt to kill what they could not keep.
  • And the fore shaft of the arrows you turn into water moss, and the arrows into resemblance of flat clay.
  • Another second saw the logs piled close against the door, while a shower of bullets and arrows rattled against them.
  • A hunter once trailed a bear and shot many arrows into its body, but to his surprise they seemed to make no impression.
  • The arrows of death fly unseen at noonday; the sharpest sight can't discern them.
  • After driving the monster from its lair with arrows he attacked it with his sword, and in place of each head he struck off two sprang up.
  • Then they evaded any closer conflict by a rapid flight, during which they still shot their arrows backwards upon the enemy.
  • And he told her to be sure and have a bow and arrows above the door of the kee, so that he could take care of the young man.
  • From the wooded fence around arrows and bullets are poured into the dense plunging mass of buffalo careering wildly round the ring.
  • Immediately the hunter made new arrows with which he killed both deer and bears, extracting oil from the latter which he kept in leathern bottles.
  • But the hunter was cautious as well as, brave, and the old bear was afraid of his sharp arrows and did not dare to attack him openly.
  • The mist cleared further, and the gate gave in under the blows of an improvised battering-ram, covered by showers of arrows from short range.
  • I have a boy's bow and arrows just like those described in this story, bought of a Pima child.
  • The Apache bow you make into the likeness of the pretty rainbow, and the arrows you make into the likeness of the white-headed grass.
  • War arrows were a yard long, with three feathers instead of two, and tipped with flint or, later, with iron.
  • He made a glorious record in this war, and, being severely wounded, both by arrows and gunshot, he returned to his home to be nursed by his mother.
  • They made bows and arrows for the boys, and Indian dolls for the girls, and all sorts of playthings for all of them, but it did no good.
  • In this building there stood in old days images of Abraham and Ishmael, each with divining arrows in his hand.
  • They did not rest satisfied with this multiplication of his body and separate limbs, but they converted into relics the arrows with which he was killed.
  • And the fore shafts of the arrows you have split, and painted red with the Apache blood, and made into gainskoot, the dice sticks.
  • If in the event of their being armed with bows and arrows they attacked from below, it was not likely that they would have the best of it against fire-arms aimed from above.

Definition of Arrows

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of arrow | plural of arrow | (heraldry) Short darts feathered at the ends.
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