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How To Use Artful In A Sentence?

  • Our indigo bunting is as artful and secretive about its nesting-habits as any of the sparrows.
  • How an artful tradesman drew attention to the presence and the excellence of his wares in 1875.
  • To be endurable, compliments should be made use of in a very cautious and artful manner.
  • Me they have supplied With artful answers, should the monarch send To urge the sacrifice.
  • Now, as you no doubt have already guessed, artful Miss Eva had come for no such purpose at all.
  • And Lo, whose giving was an artful knack, Took up the scent and sent tobacco back.
  • The artful employment of imperfect rhymes in "Raymond and Ida" illustrates what I mean.
  • Jim gave her that name because she was so artful and sly about getting more than her share of the meat.
  • The artful fallacies of the traversers' counsel will be found utterly demolished.
  • The gazelle is credited with being a very artful animal, the cunning being located especially in the liver.
  • Dressed in black, she had contrived by an artful arrangement of lace and jewellery to give an air of lightness to her costume.
  • She knew herself a most unpractised hunter, she, who, all her life, had been the most artful of quarries.
  • Her artful wit gives pith and moment to the most trivial enterprises, and turns domestic projects into adventures of high romance.
  • No charm of graceful sportiveness, of artful compliment, or of kindly seeming, was wanting to the attraction of her manners.
  • I entered into conversation with her, and soon discovered that she had both a sharp, and, if necessary, an artful tongue of her own.
  • Moreover, both women being artful and treacherous, and neither ever trusting the other, it was not likely that they could ever make an agreement.
  • The artful rogue slips his arm about her waist at this, and, after a feeble struggle, he is permitted to hold this outwork unprotested.
  • Git along with yer, yer artful ole puss, then, and don't keep gentlemen away as wants to bet!
  • His companion was quite sure that Caius had been the subject of an artful trick, and he did not fail to suggest that the woman had wanted modesty.
  • They use no sort of cement, yet the joints are exceedingly close, and the stones morticed and tenanted one into another, in a very artful manner.
  • On the 29th of January, the inquisitors exhibited twenty-four fresh articles against the prisoners, drawn up in an artful manner.
  • From such a meeting artful Mr Cargrim hoped to gather some useful information from the conversation and behaviour of the pair.
  • She was an artful young person and it had just occurred to her that it might be a good idea to get Mr. Colter under her thumb by doing him a favor.
  • The artful woman, who at once understood her master, answered, 'Certainly I have.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Artful | Artful Sentence

  • How artful and indirect my conduct had been!
  • The artful jade has a better memory.
  • A very shy and artful bird is the junco.
  • On this occasion he gained his object by an artful device.
  • Oh, Judge, the time of all artful men will come at length.
  • He was growing old then, but was as stern and artful as ever.
  • It is strange how like inspiration are the impulses of artful women at times.
  • The effect of such an artful piece of diplomacy may be easily conceived.
  • The dress was a wonderful affair: a triumph of artful simplicity.
  • He's an artful old boy, that vicar!
  • Yes, he was as inquisitive, artful and hateful as a one-eyed demon.
  • And artful folk, who'd ought to know better, with the life they've had.
  • The artful Warde had a word to say, which gave John food for thought.
  • Our friend from the Ile Saint Louis is an artful dodger, you know.
  • And, willy, cunning; artful he delays, Evades, eludes, and finally escapes.
  • And the artful elf Promptly exclaimed about her husband's fame.

Definition of Artful

Cunning; tending toward indirect dealings; crafty. | Performed with, or characterized by, art or skill. | Artificial; imitative.
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