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  • In her artistry and technique she is thorough.
  • Without them it is impossible to appreciate the artistry of our young Masters.

How To Use Artistry In A Sentence?

  • The death of Hieronimo, badly mismanaged, is the only real blot upon the artistry of the play.
  • But he should not have permitted an untimely end even to such a man: it is bad artistry to overweight your dice.
  • A traveler is generally indicated by this artistry of the sun, and once noted instantly creates a speculative interest.
  • It pleased some by its reality, its artistry and its social ideas; it pleased the Slavophils by its truth to life and its smell of Russia.
  • In simplicity of art form and sheer mystery of romanticism these poetic dramas embody the new century artistry that is remaking current imaginative literature.
  • A carnival of contending vulgarities, showing no artistry other than the most puerile, these displays nevertheless yield an effect of amazing beauty.
  • Coaching authorities give the palm for artistry to whips of other roads: they considered the excellence of this as fatal to the production of those qualities that went to make an historic name.
  • Then, as the framework of all these pictures, you see the artistry of the chisel, or carved work in wood and stone of contemporary schools in that department.
  • The bey had stopped and now flashed his lantern over a low, timbered door, studded with ancient nail heads in a design whose artistry did not arrest her.

Definition of Artistry

Significant artistic skill.
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