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  • Why, they are as different as can be.
  • Joan is as different to me as soap to dirt.
  • Is it to know others as different from ourselves?
  • Physically, we were as different as we could be.
  • The man is as different as the woman from his former self.
  • In heart and mind they were as different as two days.
  • They are as different, thank God, as you and I.
  • The crimes for which they were sentenced were as different as their characters.
  • The people of the lowlands were as different as if belonging to another race.
  • Nevertheless he felt almost as different from his usual self as he looked.
  • In short, she should be as different as possible from her charge.
  • Now in the next kingdom everything was as different as it could possibly be.
  • The wives of the two great earls were as different as their lords.
  • But, by their favour, there are as different characters in wit as in folly.
  • In his personal habits, too, he was as different as possible from other men.
  • But human welfare is as different as men, circumstances, and time.
  • The Eels were as different from the Clams as people well could be.
  • And I hope to God it's as different as it seemed.
  • You can feel as different as you like inside, just so folks don't know it.
  • They're as different in colour as they are in their natchurs an' way of eatin'.

How To Use As Different In A Sentence?

  • I observed their sentiments and opinions of it were as different as their features.
  • All their forms may be derived as different expressions of the same formula.
  • They must once have been as different as every girl is different from every other girl.
  • I note his eyes here especially, as different in expression from those of others of his sect.
  • Why, even physically women and men were not the same, and mentally they were just as different.
  • As different good, by art or nature given, To different nations makes their blessings even.
  • But the houses are as different from English houses as Scotsmen are from Englishmen.
  • He and Willie Beresford speak the same language, but they are as different as Malay and Eskimo.
  • But if in feature they resembled each other, in character they were as different as light from darkness.
  • Rules in regard to proposals of marriage cannot be laid down, for they are and should be as different as people.
  • Jeff was as different after that day as a man could be if he had been buried and revived and cast his grave-clothes off.
  • It was not a simple question, for it concerned not different streets so much as different streams of thought.
  • Think of them as different coloured roses growing in the beautiful garden of humanity, and rejoice to be among them.
  • As different people and groups competed for authority, narratives began to be used to gain advantage.
  • From this extremity of the heights new aspects of the island were in view, as well as different expanses of the sea.
  • Different persons, as well as different things, possess a substantial worth to the real and the true.
  • And here let it be observed that 'library' though one word covers things as different as chalk is from cheese.
  • But he likes to go to other places, and to talk with other people, who are as different from mamma as darkness is from daylight.
  • Transatlantic travel, forty years ago, was about as different from what it is now as the ox team was different from the automobile.
  • Harmonious joyful company, as different as possible from the depressing company of the sanitariums, will add its pleasantness.
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