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  • It was found as expected, and withdrawn lest it might be used to introduce enemies within the house.
  • One of them was opened, and, just as expected, it proved to be a water-tight container for smokeless powder!
  • The new troops were not mobilized, and the French transportation system, to say the least, had not been as responsive as expected.
  • Several writers who did not forward their contributions as expected, have been omitted altogether, as the editor could find nothing of theirs extant which was adapted to a work strictly literary.
  • If there is any arrangement such as I have suggested, my going now will put them off their guard and our gentleman will get the signal to make his call as expected.
  • They had been desired as well as expected; there was a famous lady and a learned gentleman among them; and every eye and ear were taken up with attending to their words or waiting upon their movements.
  • The sheep, instead of entering the canyon as expected, turned north, passed behind the museum, and eventually disappeared northward on Chapin Mesa.
  • In about twenty minutes from the time the bishops locked themselves in the apartment of the Holy Sepulchre, the miraculous fire made its appearance through the door and the two small windows, as expected.
  • As time went on, and Jesus did not return as expected, faith in his early coming waned; and the idea began to grow that his real Kingdom was not for this world at all, but a heavenly one hereafter.
  • You were at college then, and your father was managing it, so we could not take the yacht out as expected, and I run down to Hatton to hev a talk with Stephen Hatton.
  • After lunch, and adieux, I mounted my horse for the ruins, as my friend's vessel did not start as expected that day, owing to the calm.
  • It happened that I left home without getting the prescription filled, and, not getting back as soon as expected, the anxious wife procured the medicines and succeeded in getting one dose into the stomach, and also in raising a nervous hurricane that took an hour to allay.
  • Notwithstanding the baronet's polite invitation, and although Mr. Long did not return, as expected, upon the ensuing morning, I felt no inclination to exchange my solitude for the society of Mr. Gilmore at bowls.
  • When, late in April, the answer came, it was, as expected, a declaration that without the neutral trade Russia could not live; she would modify the ukase somewhat, but, as a condition antecedent to peace, France must evacuate Prussia and make better terms with Sweden.
  • Sometimes information gets sworn before them, and they has to let the revenue people know, but somehow or other, I can't say how it is," and the fisherman gave a portentous wink, "our fellows generally get some sort of an idea that things ain't right, and the landing don't come off as expected; queer, ain't it?
  • The allied armies then retreated in diverging directions as expected, and Bonaparte, following the Piedmontese, beat them at Ceva and Mondovi, and forced the King of Sardinia to sign the armistice of Cherasco, leaving him free to deal with the Austrians.
  • Told me that, according to the best information, the Government had not issued orders for the arrests apprehended; that the attack in Forli had not taken place (as expected) by the Sanfedisti--the opponents of the Carbonari or Liberals--and that, as yet, they are still in apprehension only.
  • Lane wir wide open, so th' fowk wir disappointed as expected to gain a minnit or two wi' Adam hevin' to get daan theer to oppen it, an' into th' lane th' mare dashed, an' on hoo went as if th
  • he never'd so much as expected--s'pose it looked to him as if he'd be made if he owned me body an' soul.
  • Doubt only arose when, in 1879, the _Challenger_ expedition failed to find it very widely distributed, as expected, over the sea bottom; and the behaviour of certain specimens gave good ground for suspecting that what had been sent home before as genuine deep-sea mud was a precipitate due to the action on the specimens of the spirit in which they were preserved.
  • Craigie returned to Albany on September 20 and advised Potts that he "succeeded in procuring medicines as expected" and that he had "on the road 2 covered waggons of capital medicines &c."[108]
  • When Miss Youmans' _First Lessons in Botany_ (a book made to teach botany in nature on Prof. Henslow's method) was introduced into the New York primary schools, with great expectations of a brilliant success, it was found that the children did not take hold as expected of this science of observation.
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Short & Simple Example Sentence For As Expected | As Expected Sentence

  • The plans worked out as expected to a certain degree.
  • The party had lightened his senses as expected, yet his thoughts were heavy.
  • As expected, Rover came bounding out at their approach, barking furiously.
  • Hence he had been aroused between 3-5 A.M., not 5-7 A.M. as expected.]
  • and Mrs. Simpson met me as expected and welcomed me very affably.'

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