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  • Jesus is just as real to me as you are.
  • He is just as real to me as you are.
  • They were as real as nature itself.
  • They were as real as any other beings.
  • But it is as real a thing as the furniture.
  • They were as real as anything in her life.
  • A rose is as real as a toad.
  • Is the individual as immortal as real?
  • He is as real as a bayonet thrust or an embrace.
  • It was as real a line as was ever seen on any field.
  • But the dream had seemed as real as any waking experience.
  • And he was as real to me all those months before!...
  • My first act as real commander was to announce holiday.
  • They were all as real as anyone in Kansas.
  • Is his love as real, as noble, as unselfish?
  • But nothing, after all, is so scarce as real charity.
  • They are as tiresome as real members of Parliament.
  • All this was real, as real as you and I!
  • As ideal as Spenser, as real as Defoe: such is Bunyan.
  • They are just as real to me as if they were here in the house.
  • But all your wives are as real as if they were already living with you.
  • His emotions were just as real and as effective as any human emotions.
  • The wishes of a child are as real to him as those of grown people are to them.
  • He could not take them up into his imagination as real beings as he did men.
  • And has not this, as you were saying, as real an existence as any other class?
  • The not-beautiful is as real as the beautiful, the not-just as the just.
  • I can call it all back and make it as real as it ever was, and as blessed.
  • His Indian characters are as real as if photographed from life.
  • Is not the impression which I feel as real as that which you feel?
  • The spirit-plane is as real as the earth-plane, and filled with joyous souls.
  • The coming is just as real, however, though the utmost simplicity prevail.
  • Here is a spot of ink on your sleeve as real as can be (bravo!).
  • One event was as real as the other," concluded Sybil.

How To Use As Real In A Sentence?

  • His brilliant and useful future was as real and imperative to her as to himself.
  • Here are characters you will recognize as real, faced with problems of absorbing interest.
  • That rock has been drowning for centuries, yet its struggle for life is as real as ever.
  • In both divisions the objects figured are looked upon as real, as in the wall decorations.
  • No, it was not a dream; it was as real a thing as the commonplace furnishings of the room.
  • Mind is as real as the tangible table, as the visible light, as the audible sound.
  • An emblem like Pegasus is as real a thing to a poet as a Derby winner would be to you.
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