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  • The object is to have the straw as small as we can get it.
  • He ought to be as small as the sisters used to be.
  • The balls were as large as small pumpkins.
  • Protesting, he made his part as small as possible.
  • That is a quick-talking one, as small as a child.
  • Silent as a granite rock too, as far as small talk goes.
  • And I feel as small as before.
  • They would send down as small and inconspicuous a vehicle as possible.
  • They weighed more than ten pounds and were as thick as small trees.
  • Besides this there were only the bedrooms, as small as they well could be.
  • They wanted furs and they wished to pay for them as small a price as possible.
  • This marshmallow man was every bit as small-minded as the mortal men.
  • The affection may also appear as small scattered spots or points.
  • Having said this, that prince of snakes became as small as the thumb.
  • During our stay we had some excellent shooting, big game as well as small.
  • Ken tied the rope of boxes into a strong unit, as small as it could be made.
  • On the surface of Mercury, weight is nearly twice as small again as here.
  • We're cutting as small as eight-inch spruce at Jerusalem.

How To Use As Small In A Sentence?

  • He made himself as small as possible and started for the farther end of the room.
  • Selections are sometimes bought up as small ventures by sea captains and emigrants.
  • Let this be as small as practicable to avoid splitting when the irons are stapled down upon it.
  • Not one of the rooms was as small as the largest chambers seen in the modern apartments.
  • No food should be swallowed until it is broken into bits nearly as small as the head of a pin.
  • He shunned particular opinions as small minds seek them for the triumph of self-love.
  • Nicholas was thus thrown upon his own resources, which were as small as they well could be.
  • To keep it in as small and circumscribed class as possible the price was made abnormally high.
  • Those who make war henceforward will be as small jackals fighting beneath the feet of elephants.
  • His height was considerably below the average, his skull was as small as his shoulders were broad.
  • They are high-speed craft, and their displacement must therefore be as small as possible.
  • She instantly obeyed and he leaned forward himself, so as to offer as small a target as possible.
  • Henry went in with the others, and sat in a corner, making himself as small as possible.
  • They crouched low to the ground as they ran, endeavoring to present as small a mark as possible.
  • The three others, making themselves as small as possible, hurriedly escaped into the street.
  • Her hair was white and scant, her skin ruddy, her eyes as small and black as berries.
  • They unite and form larger trunks, as small springs from the hill side coalesce to form rivulets.
  • Lifting it, she ordered Jack to kneel down and crouch into as small a space as possible.
  • I made myself as small as I could in the very densest of the shadow, and waited for the sequel.
  • As small as England is, there are six distinct dialects spoken in her borders to-day.
  • She was a dainty person, as small as Adelle, but a perfectly formed young woman.
  • Inch me, and cut me as small as flies, Send me over the sea to make mince-pies?
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