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  • Those forty days between the resurrection and the ascension are seen to be illustrations of this.
  • The chorus sing the ascension historically with the words from 2 Kings ii.
  • Following the ascension he made a journey to India, where he associated with the lovers of truth.
  • In most parishes where it is still kept up, the ceremony is performed annually on Ascension Day.
  • Take this case that happened at Ogdensburg, New York, during an ascension we made there.
  • So the accounts of the Ascension of Jesus Christ in Mark and Luke are interpolations.
  • On Ascension day, the 6th of May of the year 1506, Columbus died at Valladolid.
  • All day long multitudes crowded and jostled each other impatiently at the point where the ascension was to take place.
  • The world is with him; and certainly it is not much of an ascension they aspire to; but what sort of a figure is he?
  • No bodily ascension is necessary to bear away one whose coming and going are not conditioned by space or time.
  • Then the light which appeared from heaven was taken up from their eyes, and foreshowed the ascension of the saint unto heaven.
  • She was notified of her ascension to the throne by the presentation of Mary's ring.
  • Two sides of his art are exhibited in The Ascension of the Virgin and A Woman in a Kitchen.
  • With this he bowed and backed out of the room as though Nora had suddenly made a distinct ascension in the scale of importance.
  • After the ascension he was consumed with such grieving, such constant tears and anguish, that as the days passed by, he wasted away.
  • When the machine went up, its power of ascension or levity was six hundred ninety-six pounds, allowing for the cage and animals.
  • The story had an interesting sequel the following year, when Carlotta made another ascension from the same place.
  • The ascension of the Bohemian was so rapid, and done so cleverly, that it excited the admiration of the guests.
  • On the preceding days, the wind and rain had not ceased; but the announced ascension of Zambecarri could not be postponed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ascension | Ascension Sentence

  • Together then their ascension began.
  • The sides were steep and the ascension difficult.
  • On the ascension of our Lord.
  • Origine des ascensions droites; ascension droite du soleil.
  • The climate of Ascension is remarkably healthy.
  • The day set for its ascension was the 27th of August, 1783.
  • Next day was Ascension Day.
  • This has been a real Ascension Day.
  • On the ascension of our Lord R. WI.
  • It is also significant that we do not read of the ascension here of our Lord.
  • Dans cette incessante ascension vers l'infini, on perd un peu l'haleine.
  • But when you see that blessed day, Then order your ascension robe.
  • Was it because the scene of the Ascension was fifteen stadia from Jerusalem?
  • The fact is that the Ascension of Christ was not claimed by his disciples.
  • The other part of the church was consecrated on Ascension Day 1240.
  • After the story of the Resurrection, the Ascension became a necessity.
  • The departure from the island was fixed for Ascension Day in the year 1249.
  • It was Ascension Day, and the commons were a dream of beauty.
  • How could you substantiate, today, the ascension of Jesus Christ?
  • Jankel called was on Wednesday, May 27th, the day before Ascension Day.
  • On the day of the Lord's Ascension R. WI.

Definition of Ascension

The act of ascending; an ascent. | That which rises, as from distillation.
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