Ashamed In A Sentence

How To Use Ashamed In A Sentence?

  • Brook felt ashamed of his inability to show the definite power that he possessed.
  • I am sometimes quite ashamed of my plain self when we are going about together.
  • She has not found out, that her extensive knowledge is any thing to be ashamed of.
  • As to getting other help we were ashamed till he should be a little less shamefully backward.
  • Then he relapsed to silence, a little ashamed in that he had been trapped into showing temper.
  • But a real good horse comes close to making an ordinary man feel ashamed of himself.
  • I oft have been ashamed that knowledge failed, When old and young with problems me assailed.
  • That is why I do honestly want the estate, and that is why I am not ashamed of wanting it.
  • In a lottery, somebody must draw the prize; if I have drawn it, am I to be ashamed of my luck?
  • Truly, you must be as tired of the comic view of the question as you are ashamed of your medical students.
  • He grew ashamed of himself, realizing that a foolish and unwarrantable jealousy had led him into a species of disloyalty.
  • I had always been accustomed to feeling ashamed of myself, for one thing or another, so there was no novelty for me in the situation.
  • The dog stood with hanging head and tail, as if ashamed he had let so many of his enemies get away unharmed.
  • We ought to be ashamed of furniture which is continually being replaced; at all events, we cannot possibly take any interest in such furniture.
  • You men can go out into the world if you like, to sin like fools and marry like fools, not knowing what you are doing and ashamed to ask.
  • The fire was sinking, and he built it up quietly, ashamed of this proof of his regard for physical comfort, and hoping it would pass unnoticed.
  • I wish you never may have cause to feel ashamed of your want of love for me; if I alone suffer, what matters it?
  • Suddenly she knew that she was ashamed of having believed in Vetch when she contrasted him with John Benham.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Ashamed | Ashamed Sentence

  • You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
  • Then he grew ashamed of his hesitancy.
  • He felt ashamed of his churlishness.
  • I will never be ashamed of my dear mother.
  • I almost feel ashamed to have you think of me as you do.
  • We were ashamed of him again, and said so.
  • Trust me; you shall have no cause to be ashamed of me.
  • She felt ashamed though her intention had been good.
  • I felt ashamed and miserable, then.
  • He was almost ashamed of this ridiculous vigil in a boat.
  • The word stuck in her memory, and she was ashamed of it.
  • And Patricia was instantly ashamed of her resentment.
  • And why should I be ashamed to help any of our boys?
  • What have you been doing that makes you look so ashamed of yourself.
  • I was ashamed of having at first set so low a value upon this man.
  • I think he was ashamed of me, privately, because of my weak faith.
  • Lisner, I'm ashamed of you!
  • Then and afterwards, ashamed as I was of it, I instinctively shrank from him.
  • I did though, I am ashamed to say; and I wanted to set off on the next day.
  • I'm thoroughly ashamed that you should have seen me in such a plight.
  • But you've got a chance to show you're ashamed for what you've done.

Definition of Ashamed

Feeling shame or guilt. | simple past tense and past participle of ashame
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