Asked in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Asked

1. Julia asked before leaving. 🔊

2. Orion had not asked for the young lady. 🔊

3. I asked him very modestly whether they were mine. 🔊

4. I asked her to sign her name below those words. 🔊

5. No, he never asked me to marry him. 🔊

6. I asked him about Laura. 🔊

7. I went back and asked Lampton what he was doing now. 🔊

8. She asked if I kept it on from church home, too. 🔊

9. And then to make a diversion she asked how the lessons were coming on. 🔊

10. He shook hands, and asked me to come to tea with him on the morrow. 🔊

11. Scipio asked Hannibal to name the greatest general the world had produced. 🔊

12. Do you know her?" asked Clement. 🔊

13. He seemed quite uncomfortable, and I asked him what the trouble was. 🔊

14. Again the fairy asked her, 'What dost thou lack? 🔊

15. He said he believed it would, and asked me if I meant to make a library of it. 🔊

How to use Asked in Sentences?

1. He asked that these friends use the suggested spellings in their private correspondence. 🔊

2. Hubert asked incautiously, regretting his words as soon as he had uttered them. 🔊

3. My friend asked for its removal before the second course, complaining of incipient snow-blindness. 🔊

4. The servant lighted a candle, made up the fire, and asked if she would wait dinner. 🔊

5. I sent her the American edition, and asked her which she would prefer to translate from. 🔊

6. She would spread a report that I was jealous of her, and had asked you to send her away. 🔊

7. I wrote Orion and offered him half, and asked him to send his share of the money. 🔊

8. Whoever asked it became my enemy at once, and I was usually almost eager to make that appear. 🔊

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