Asked Me In A Sentence

How To Use Asked Me In A Sentence?

  • So she asked me what was the reason?
  • Then he asked me a few questions.
  • If only he had asked me to go with him!
  • He asked me for my instructions.
  • I am glad you asked me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Asked Me | Asked Me Sentence

  • She asked me who she was.
  • Raymond had asked me.
  • I said what you asked me.
  • You asked me to trust you.
  • Jack asked me mischievously.
  • She asked me why they were poor.
  • He asked me to talk it over with you.
  • She asked me to take her over there.
  • She asked me to dinner.
  • She asked me yesterday.
  • You asked me to call.
  • He asked me all about our means.
  • I did everything she asked me.
  • She asked me if it was true.
  • They asked me what was the matter?
  • She asked me to release her.
  • Asked me a lot about the governor.
  • And neither of them asked me about it.
  • She never asked me to do it for her.
  • You asked me to be honest.
  • They asked me if we had any gasoline.
  • She asked me to excuse her.
  • Then she asked me where they went.
  • You might have asked me.
  • I am glad that you asked me that.
  • He asked me not to leave him.
  • I gave myself to you when you asked me to.
  • He asked me to dance.
  • Also he asked me for a present.
  • He asked me if this was necessary.
  • She asked me to manifest for her.
  • It was he who asked me to sing.
  • You asked me if he were more than an acquaintance.
  • She asked me if he were not my father.
  • He as good as asked me to.
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