Aslant In A Sentence

Definition of Aslant

slanting | (archaic) diagonally over or across | at a slant

How To Use Aslant In A Sentence?

  • Both had dark faces set off by cloth caps, which were drawn down aslant over their brows.
  • In the case of the alphabet, the chances for the letters to fall bottom up or aslant are not included.
  • On a sudden his heart began to knock at his ribs; that was when the light fell aslant upon the maid.
  • From two windows far up in the wall the moonlight streamed in, making bars of light aslant the darkness.
  • On the hearth the red embers of his fire were fading away in the bright beams of the morning sun, that looked aslant through the open window.
  • One arm dangled over the side; her head was a little aslant upon the pillow, so that from a little distance it looked as if her neck was broken.
  • Then he clapped on his hat, aslant over the locks of his golden wig, and, taking up his whip, he moved with leisurely dignity towards the door.
  • The very last pale rays of a watery setting sun slid bar-like through the cottage window, and fell, twirling, aslant the floor.
  • It was Soane, his cap cocked aslant on his curly head, his green jacket unbuttoned, a tumbler aloft in his unsteady clutch.
  • With Nicol following, I rode aslant the low hills to the right and came to the benty tableland which we had travelled the day before.
  • Trappers in fringed and beaded leather played cards with the plainsmen in shady corners or lounged in the cool arch of the gateway looking aslant at the emigrant girls.
  • Mr. Wilding raised one eyebrow and looked aslant at Trenchard, whose weather-beaten face was suddenly agrin with stupefaction.
  • The great mass of dark hair Martin remembered so well was knotted and piled atop her head, and a blue, peaked cap perched saucily aslant the mass.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aslant | Aslant Sentence

  • The deck is aslant in the bubbling breeze.
  • Charming Billy eyed him aslant and was merciful.
  • His gray hat was pushed aslant as his head rested against hers.
  • And the gondola drifts over the lagoon, aslant to the coming dawn.
  • The hot June sun streamed into his stuffy room and fell aslant the bed.

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