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  • They aspire only to make the law.
  • Such fools are we when we aspire to be over-wise!
  • There would be nothing too great to aspire to.
  • The filthy would aspire to be something better.
  • To desire is to obtain; to aspire is to, achieve.
  • I aspire while I expire.
  • To attain is dull, to aspire is the sugar and salt of life.
  • I Aspire to eternal favor, not to mortal love!
  • Candles, matches, and such like I did not aspire to.
  • No hunter could aspire after a nobler field to display his prowess.
  • My life's the dream thou dost aspire to scatter.
  • Never had he known Courtlandt to aspire to be a squire of dames.
  • I am sure I have no more right to aspire to one than the other.
  • We must not even aspire to glory, for a civil war affords none.
  • Each empty bellows would, no doubt, Rise, and aspire to put it out.
  • No, Marie, let them go North, learn all they can, aspire all they may.

How To Use Aspire In A Sentence?

  • Truly, he had come to the conclusion that he was not fit to aspire to any nice girl.
  • With all their power of lungs, however, they not only are not singers; they do not aspire to be.
  • Unless you are erratic, irritable, full of fads, you need not aspire to attain sublime heights.
  • The people of that description have no hold on the gentlemen who aspire to be popular representatives.
  • Aguinaldo and his companions have unlimited confidence in themselves, and aspire to form a civilized republic.
  • The republic knew of other countries which had suffered a like fate and did not aspire to follow their example.
  • Born to such splendid advantages, why should you not aspire to make your life a practical thanksgiving to the bestower?
  • It was one thing for this backwoodsman to go about with him; it was another to aspire to an acquaintance with the ladies of his family.
  • Things have taken a different turn since then, and it is confessedly the best thing a young soldier can aspire to.
  • Placing her there, he would have said before this evening that he placed her as high as the reasonable human being could aspire to be set.
  • He did not aspire to beauty or wisdom, but he prayed to be delivered from the shadow of unreality that had begun to darken the world.
  • To use your own statement, you have against me nothing but psychological sentiments, and yet you aspire to mathematical evidence.
  • As the soul wings itself toward the light of simple truth, so should the body politic aspire to perfect freedom.
  • Ministers, turning their backs on the reputation which properly belongs to them, aspire at the glory of being speculative writers.
  • But whether landscape painting has a right to aspire so far as to reject what the painters call accidents of nature is not easy to determine.
  • It had lifts, a roof garden, balconies, baths, and all the luxuries that artists can never aspire to.
  • I wouldn't put it past Bluff to aspire to knocking over a panther if the chance ever came his way.
  • Without family and without name, what right have I to aspire to the hand of any young lady of good parentage?
  • I don't aspire to be editress of the school magazine, I assure you, nor even a contributor.
  • I do aspire to be published at some point, but for now I wish to have the world-at-large read my works and hopefully to enjoy them.
  • We said that some of the ideas of Charles Fourier had been adopted by men who do not exactly aspire to the rank of social reformers.
  • I cannot aspire to be traduced like Algernon Sydney, and content myself with sacrificing to him amongst my lares.
  • There were those who feared his ambition, lest he should make himself a military dictator, a second Cromwell, or even aspire to the crown.
  • I do not aspire to anything more than taking care of my business," Mr. Stanford answered.

Definition of Aspire

(intransitive) To hope or dream; especially to hope or work towards a profession or occupation (followed by to as a preposition or infinitive particle). | (transitive, obsolete) To aspire to; to long for; to try to reach; to mount to. | To rise; to ascend; to tower; to soar.
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