Assailant In A Sentence

How To Use Assailant In A Sentence?

  • Peddler drew himself farther up and then looked down upon his assailant with interest.
  • The door can no longer be closed and the assailant is henceforth master of the fortress.
  • The surprise of the onslaught and the huge weight of my assailant gave him the advantage.
  • He had a way with him that chilled any such thought that a would-be assailant might have.
  • To the later assailant the conditions of the time made the pen the most effective instrument.
  • The door can no longer be closed; and the assailant is henceforth master of the fortress.
  • Scarcely pausing to see whether he was alive or not, the assailant ran on toward the forecastle.
  • What it meant she knew not, but screamed in fright, her assailant screaming as loudly.
  • That, however, was time enough for his mysterious assailant to make himself scarce.
  • I was up in an instant, but all I saw of my assailant was a vanishing whiteness.
  • His assailant heard it, also, and hesitated, looking around with frightened eyes.
  • My assailant was dressed like Davie, too, in dark blue serge, and wore a beard.
  • The assailant could be no other than the rightful heir of Ellangowan, Harry Bertram.
  • Evidently my assailant was a man who had watched my movements and had probably followed the girl and myself to the hotel in a cab.
  • The guide took advantage of the break to grasp his second assailant around the middle and dump him.
  • He did not move or make any demonstration till the assailant was within reach of him, and then he grappled with him.
  • Flathootly was so far friendly disposed to his assailant as to offer him a glass of ship's rum.
  • But this formidable assailant is least resistible when he attacks the probability of the action, and the reasonableness of the plan.
  • With bursting veins and protruding tongue he struggled helplessly to escape as his assailant dragged him toward the safe.
  • Arising with bleeding nose, he shook his small fist at his chuckling assailant passing sidewise out of his door.
  • An assailant crossing the ravine and gaining the crest of the peak would have ample standing ground between the edge and the wall.
  • Barclay was powerless to act, for the assailant covered him with two murderous revolvers and bade him throw up his hands.
  • When dawn was breaking his thigh was out of joint, but he refused to let his assailant go until he had asked his name.
  • The violence of the shock fell principally on his shoulders, though there was no doubt his assailant had intended it for his head.
  • With a howl of pain his assailant let go and dropped to the floor to crawl away like a whipped cur.
  • They both described the assailant as very like his would-be victim in size, appearance, and garments.
  • Alfy, smarting with the injustice of the attack, managed to administer a few wholesome kicks to his assailant during the struggle.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Assailant | Assailant Sentence

  • His assailant was not a handsome man.
  • With the fall, his assailant lost his grip of his throat.
  • He ran the scurvy assailant to earth, like a fox.
  • It flashed through his mind that his assailant was the female bear.
  • At that instant he recognized his assailant as the leader of the company.
  • For answer his assailant leaped forward and made a grab for him.
  • The islander staggered backward with his assailant pressing close against him.
  • With incredible swiftness he stooped and caught his assailant as he sprang.
  • The assailant was struck dumb, while the traveller jogged leisurely on.
  • The stranger flew straight over the house, with his assailant in close chase.
  • Between him and his assailant stood a short, sturdy man in a tweed suit.
  • The assailant veered off, however, scurrying into the cobalt cloud.
  • But Radowitz remained deaf, and the assailant below gave the order.

Definition of Assailant

Assailing; attacking. | Someone who attacks or assails another violently, or criminally; an attacker. | (figuratively, by extension) A hostile critic or opponent.
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