Assented In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Assented | Assented Sentence

  • Douglas assented silently.
  • Collins assented silently.
  • Granet assented enthusiastically.
  • Peter assented only too gladly.
  • The other assented eagerly.
  • Folco assented fervently.
  • Bobby assented eagerly.
  • Dorrimore assented gloomily.
  • Both of these requests were assented to.
  • Gambara assented with a nod.
  • I assented to what she said.
  • Constance assented dumbly.
  • Trenck assented readily.
  • Roderick assented to her plan.
  • Farloe assented briefly.
  • Eva assented eagerly.
  • She assented cheerfully.
  • He assented most energetically.
  • She assented uncertainly.
  • She assented eagerly.
  • Cimon assented readily.
  • Maria assented indifferently.
  • She assented nervously.
  • John assented without words.
  • Tom assented gravely to the address.
  • The man assented vaguely.
  • She assented with an ill grace.
  • She assented almost inaudibly.
  • He assented by a movement of his head.
  • The manager assented to these words.
  • The others assented moodily.
  • Fenn assented without enthusiasm.
  • She assented with a thoughtful nod.
  • Paul gladly assented to this proposal.
  • Braun assented with violent nodding.

How To Use Assented In A Sentence?

  • I most cheerfully assented to this proposal.
  • She assented with an inquiring look.
  • Maud assented very eagerly and gratefully.
  • Sandy assented with bowed head.
  • I assented without enthusiasm.

Definition of Assented

simple past tense and past participle of assent
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