Asserting In A Sentence

How To Use Asserting In A Sentence?

  • I am far from asserting that men will not excite disturbances without just cause.
  • I felt that the moral sentiment was asserting its supremacy even in places of amusement.
  • This is plainly asserting the necessity of the duty, so no man can pretend to evade that.
  • Rapid bodily growth is nearly or quite at an end; new functions are asserting themselves.
  • I do not wish to rest content with asserting that statement, but I wish to prove it.
  • Especially Artabazus, general of the rear-guard, was loud in asserting no battle should be risked.
  • Thank you," that she had been almost eager in asserting her belief in his innocence.
  • This is not denying the distinctions of sex, but only asserting that they are not so exclusive and all-absorbing as is supposed.
  • It will force on me the necessity of again asserting myself as an artist, and as soon as I possibly can.
  • I am already beginning to anticipate the change, and instinctively asserting that independence which I feel.
  • In response to this question various were the exclamations of opinion; some clamored for two miles, others asserting that one was enough.
  • It is not uncommon to find persons asserting that they have had dreams which have prefigured events, often trivial, in the common run of life.
  • Bavaria dreamed for an instant of asserting her neutrality, but the menace of French armaments wrung an unwilling compliance from her.
  • So Darwin was right in asserting that a slow evolution raises up organized beings towards fulness of life and beauty of form.
  • Without absolutely asserting that my explanation is the true one, I may nevertheless suggest it until some better may be offered.
  • He wanted to see the very ground on which the Principle of Legitimacy was actually asserting itself arms in hand.
  • Nothing could be done and fear prevented me from asserting what powers I do have over him, at Halls.
  • Mrs. Failing, after asserting vindictively that it was impossible to make a living out of literature, was courteously left alone.
  • But, the resolute Queen, determined on asserting her son's right, would hear of no such thing.
  • It is safe to make a broad generalization by asserting that this form of agricultural education has contributed in a remarkable degree to better farming.
  • The third school, the Eleatics, answered the question by asserting that the first principle of things is Being.
  • Then the king endeavoured with threats to obtain from the brethren the surrender to him of the aforesaid money, asserting that it had been fraudulently subtracted from his treasury.
  • During his service in the colony he wrote many letters to the home authorities urging the abandonment of the settlement asserting that it was utterly impossible that it could be colonized.
  • Switzerland in its mountain homes carries the banner of democracy, and has gone farther than any other country in asserting the rights of the commonwealth over inherited wealth.
  • This cannot be evaded, by asserting that the same difficulty attaches to the fact, that God created Adam foreseeing he would fall.
  • However, I am not asserting that a composer like Purcell copied Matteis's works.
  • He was a mathematician and a firm defender of the faith, asserting the supremacy of the Pope and attacking both Luther and Calvin.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Asserting | Asserting Sentence

  • The knights persisted in asserting their innocence.
  • Now in his old age the early memory is asserting itself.
  • For the argument is asserting the existence of not-being.
  • If anything, he shrinks from asserting himself.
  • He may have spoken elsewhere of asserting his dignity.
  • It was the Legitimist Principle asserting itself!
  • It delights in asserting the incredible and believing the impossible.
  • The thief often excuses his acts by asserting that society owes him a living.
  • First, by asserting herself as a personality, and not as a sex commodity.
  • He then tried threats, asserting the supremacy of the Spanish emperor.
  • If he were rigid, he was impartial too, in asserting the laws of England.
  • She felt this was Harry's conventional streak asserting itself.
  • Gray had given up asserting his innocence of Harding's actual murder.

Definition of Asserting

present participle of assert | The act of making assertions.
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