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  • Is he fortunate in his assertion that he is?
  • I venture the assertion that the case will be compromised.
  • In support of this view is the assertion that the bones were water-worn.
  • Peremptorily they challenged the assertion that poverty must always exist.
  • I am a convert to your assertion, that love makes not distinctions.
  • The oft-repeated assertion that woman will purify politics is also but a myth.
  • Let us tarry a moment longer over the assertion that errors are psychic acts.
  • But I begin with the assertion that holy souls are saved from sin.
  • There was something about this assertion that infuriated Lowes-Parlby.

How To Use Assertion That In A Sentence?

  • And it is this which underlies the assertion that humour consists in incongruity.
  • It is at bottom merely the assertion that its own mores are supreme and entitled to be universal.
  • It certainly compels us to qualify the cheering assertion that time is on our side.
  • Your assertion that nevertheless you are her elder and half-sister would be laughed to scorn.
  • What is meant by the oft-repeated assertion that great and exceptional persons are inspired?
  • The assertion that this labor liberates the whites for higher work does not seem to be verified.
  • In this case the assertion that he "rested from his labours" was a trifle ambiguous.
  • The assertion that the Belgians are lacking in courage is as untruthful as it is cruel.
  • I'm inclined to question, furthermore, the assertion that these jewels were your mother's.
  • The assertion that States renounce their sovereignty by entering into the League.
  • For, in the first place, I cannot accept the assertion that this order is to be found in Genesis.
  • Under the circumstances it was impossible to gainsay their assertion that they were the best judges of their own needs.
  • I very much doubt the often-repeated assertion that our aristocracy are more beautiful than the middle classes.
  • The statement may be dismissed as a fable, but it is more than probable that the assertion that he was a swineherd is correct.
  • Caius felt that his steady assertion that he would remain had perhaps appeared to vaunt a heroism that was not true.
  • Phil had never taken seriously his assertion that he had been an actor, but now he suddenly changed his opinion.
  • Then he passes to the usual assertion that man has thus far attained to a higher eminence than woman.
  • A significant fact was the frequently repeated assertion that the children were whipped because they were too young to understand anything else.
  • He also put forward the much more doubtful assertion that if a man possesses knowledge, he cannot do wrong.
  • Notwithstanding Kulischer's assertion that there is no room for this in primitive society.
  • The case for the prosecution rests upon the assertion that the thumb-print found in the safe was made by the thumb of the prisoner.
  • Each was positive of his own thesis, and argued for it by the process of re-assertion that it was so, and that his opponents were fools.
  • We need not claim greater prophetic ability, but have only to make the undeniable assertion that hindsight is better than foresight.
  • It is a common assertion that the interests of employers and employed are identical, that they are partners in an enterprise, etc.
  • It is doubtful whether she really believed her own assertion that nothing more would happen that night, though she tried to.
  • She had taken a peculiar interest in demonstrating the truth of her oft-repeated assertion that one may learn to swim before going into the water.
  • The real use of such cases of analogy as metaphors is that they serve, not as an argument, but as an assertion that one exists.
  • One can indeed make the sweeping assertion that the telling of stories as a mode of amusing others ought to be kept within strict limits.
  • Again, take the somewhat disconcerting assertion that movement exists when there is nothing that moves, and no space that it moves through.
  • What shall be said, then, with reference to the assertion that thought operates in the interests of the non-cognitive life processes?
  • Jane sent an eyeflash at Josephs with a skill which proved her favorite assertion that she was not so stupid as people thought.
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