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  • None of these assertions can now be upheld.
  • And many other assertions are made on the subject.
  • But the false assertions it contains must be met.
  • Convinced solely by the assertions of MM.
  • Such assertions are apt to be the most roundabout sort of hearsay.
  • The assertions made on this subject are of a very contradictory character.
  • One may make pretty positive assertions about non-living things.
  • But assertions seemed incapable of rousing Evan from his stupid lethargy.
  • It traces its assertions back to this law, but goes no {7} further.
  • Dogmatism, for us, usually means making assertions without proper grounds.
  • Of them the assertions of Taylor the "Water Poet" are good examples.
  • His whole book bristles with assertions of Luther's inveterate badness.

How To Use Assertions In A Sentence?

  • Each of these assertions clearly needs to be supported before it will be accepted.
  • A few facts will suffice to show that our assertions are in no way exaggerated.
  • We should say that the truth lies between these assertions or is the sum of their half-truths.
  • His grim old face blanched perceptibly as he heard the assertions of the young men.
  • Let us not be pestered with assertions and half-truths, with emotions and snuffle.
  • The same answer may be given to the modern assertions that man cannot ascertain God.
  • Wild assertions count for nothing; "The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it"; DR.
  • I had deceived the woman's father by assertions of possessing secret resources.
  • But it will be better to continue the argument about its effects upon the nervous system in connection with the assertions of the reformers.
  • The assertions of the convict amount to but little, as against the statements of the rich and influential contractor.
  • For the remarkable reasonings by which these assertions are justified, the readers must consult the works quoted.
  • Why do you not set them to write a volume of the same size to refute the arguments and assertions of Paine?
  • How is it that they are thus self-evident, that the mind can make these definite and far-reaching assertions without any evidence at all?
  • He repeated his assertions of being, hitherto, secure, and his promise of coming when the danger should be imminent.
  • They had acquired a new and positive importance; it was as if the assertions they made had all at once become truths, had ceased to be tentative.
  • They did not credit his assertions that he had no connection with his Master, but they could not help believing his sins.
  • But we have here a number of assertions of matters of fact, which, strange to say, have never been proved to be facts at all.
  • But since scepticism regards all assertions as equally ill-grounded, the holding of any positive opinion whatever is by it regarded as dogmatism.
  • The Miltonic hypothesis contains assertions of a very definite character relating to the succession of living forms.
  • The renegade did not think it advisable to express his opinion in contradiction to that of his highness, and the assertions of the Prophet.
  • It takes us beyond the bounds of all possible human experience, into an imaginary region, as to which all assertions are equally valueless.
  • His colonists, he asserted, loved him as a father, and he cared for them accordingly: both these assertions were undoubtedly true.
  • Whenever therefore his assertions are positive, and not merely flying reports, he ought to be admitted as fair evidence, since we have no better.
  • Believe me, there is great, very great, danger in these broad unqualified assertions that Skelton deals in.
  • It seeks to meet both the assertions and the spirit of Luther's Catholic critics.
  • During 1817 he was intimately associated with the popular party in all its efforts for the redress of grievances and in all the assertions of its real and fancied rights.
  • He makes no vicious attack upon the Order, and all his assertions are substantiated by quotations from Masonic organs or unprejudiced sources.
  • Satisfied that my assertions were correct, they seemed to care little at being obliged to remain on an island which afforded them the means of such comfortable subsistence.

Definition of Assertions

plural of assertion
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