Assertive In A Sentence

Definition of Assertive

Boldly self-assured; confident without being aggressive.

How To Use Assertive In A Sentence?

  • Peanuts were the order of the day, and their assertive crackle broke in upon the finest passages.
  • Mr. Crewe, who was anything but a fool, and just as assertive as Mr. Flint, cut in.
  • This discussion is necessarily didactic and assertive for it is impossible to prove or disprove any of these postulates.
  • The unity of experience must persist assertive and inviolable, whatever the divisions of experience.
  • Here and there through the crowd worried and assertive literary individuals wandered, searching for invariably unpunctual publishers.
  • When a husband allows himself to be ruled by his wife, the latter generally profits by it to become assertive and offensively overpowering.
  • The latter qualification would probably lead her to rule him in an assertive and aggressive manner, which would be fatal to their happiness.
  • He was glad that gray was not an assertive color, and he was glad that his own gray had been faded by the hot June sun.
  • Since the change which came over the complexion of matters in his world, Cole was much less assured and less assertive than before.
  • It will be whispered to him that he has really conquered those countries when indeed it is highly probable he has only spent his substance in setting up new assertive alien allies.
  • The writer made no offer to add his name to his MS., nor to meet my objection by a less assertive title.
  • Pete wriggled the little glass thermometer round in his mouth until it stuck up at an assertive angle, as some men hold a cigar, and glanced mischievously at his nurse.
  • By its aid a flat and otherwise uninteresting subject can be made attractive and vigorous, and for general purposes of effective display its value will be considerably enhanced and its assertive character emphasised.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Assertive | Assertive Sentence

  • His assertive fit was over.
  • She has very assertive manners.
  • The weather was, in fact, in assertive evidence.
  • He has a loud, nasal voice, and an assertive manner.
  • Her voice had a timid yet assertive chirp like a bird's.
  • Chadron said, in loud, assertive voice that made the servant shiver.

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