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  • Lest we should assign to them too high a prerogative.
  • Besides, they assign a totally different motive.
  • A finer reason I assign below.
  • The next step is to assign reasons for making this assertion.
  • But to assign causes in this way is not really to explain anything.
  • No one can assign a date to the foundation of these high-hill cities.
  • Madame de Pompadour to assign me that part, and the command is yours.
  • What position, now, are we to assign to Parmenides in philosophy?

How To Use Assign In A Sentence?

  • To the same head we are to assign the extensive and important influence of example.
  • To assign values for this can only be done by appearance and it seemed impossible of measurement.
  • It is impossible to assign definite limits to the area occupied by the tribes of this family.
  • You will have to assign men to cut brush, to pile it, and to grub up the roots.
  • The critics assign to Dante a pre-eminence over most of those we call immortal.
  • Later authorities, however, assign to him the commencement, at least, of a cathedral.
  • The second book, by Apollonia, we may assign to about the year 530 before Christ.
  • King forbids us to assign this piece an earlier date than the reign of Henry VI.
  • The reason they assign for now calling one a woman is because it is situated lower down on the mountain than the other.
  • What is a decided fact is that the leaders of progress assign the honorable positions mentioned to you.
  • She would assign no reason for her incomprehensible behaviour even when asked by the judge in court.
  • It is difficult to assign definite or satisfactory reasons for the wide differences shown in the above table.
  • You are required to assign some principle of motion such that it shall revolve through the parts of a mechanism self-sustained.
  • I could therefore only assign the most apparent reason for the complete break-down of the transport train.
  • Yet it may not be easy to assign a reason for such an estrangement unless it may be found in the word incompatibility.
  • They'll be 'round presently to divide up the squad and assign 'em to companies.
  • Draw out discussion on the points suggested therein, and assign this chapter and the one following for the next session.
  • The judicious student of mythology must carefully weigh all these formative agents, and assign each its value.
  • They desire to grievously limit the field of scientific investigation, and they assign to science a too restricted domain.
  • On the whole, then, we cannot assign much weight to this element in the list of possible causes of the transition.
  • To dramatic performances I am disposed to assign nothing further than the modest function of furnishing entertainment.
  • The former, according to one chronicler, was built in 1109, while other authorities assign it to the year 1119.
  • By these evidences the date given, 1256, is satisfactorily proved, and it is impossible to assign any later date.
  • This is a half-column article, the object of which is to assign the several Pueblos to their proper stocks.
  • For this reason, one must assign a definite number of bilangos or constables, outside of which number the gobernadorcillo cannot assign others.
  • I cannot assign any cause for this disease, as I have seen calves seized with it that were kept warm and comfortable.
  • Of course I do not assign this as a valid reason for their not being identified with the Mound-builders.
  • The first performance of the tragedy we may thus assign to a day immediately preceding the 27th of August, 1619.
  • The designs of Russia have long been proverbial; but the exercise of the new art of printing may assign them new features.
  • In saying this, I do not undervalue the benefits conferred by human governments, but only assign them their true place.
  • And to what other ruler can we assign the ability to have met and to have managed successfully all the difficult problems of the Civil War?
  • It took twenty years to overcome the handicap of attempting to occupy a higher sphere than that to which the community thought it right to assign me.

Definition of Assign

(transitive) To designate or set apart something for some purpose. | (transitive) To appoint or select someone for some office. | (transitive) To allot or give something as a task.
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