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  • Ronny assimilated that.
  • Winter slowly assimilated this description.
  • Duff had long been assimilated as part of the programme.
  • Stover slowly assimilated this profound truth.
  • The Church has assimilated much in her time.
  • Nutriment is converted into these before being assimilated by the system.
  • Everyone became very quiet as he assimilated all that had been said.
  • The soil contains ten elements that are absorbed or assimilated by plants.
  • In an even smaller fraction, his mind assimilated the picture.
  • Are they unwilling that you be assimilated with the Spanish people?
  • Quite unconsciously, John assimilated the Caterpillar's axioms.

How To Use Assimilated In A Sentence?

  • They fully realize that a piece is not assimilated nor learned until it is memorized.
  • It is the amount digested and assimilated that tells, not the quantity taken into the stomach.
  • She assimilated this subtle suggestion, for the first time in her life welcoming craft.
  • The ease of affluence is first assimilated in thought, which acts upon the muscles.
  • His mind, he decided, was becoming assimilated to the communal telepathic mind of the ticklers.
  • In this way his style became assimilated to that of the great English essayist.
  • Slowly, and by degrees, the French spirit assimilated the other nations, for universal progress.
  • The atmosphere of the castle was laden with a depression that could not be overcome by an assimilated gaiety.
  • But it would be wrong to to infer from this that all the food has been thoroughly digested, and assimilated into the system.
  • His piano paraphrases and transcriptions are poetic re-settings of tone-creations he had thoroughly assimilated and made his own.
  • These rules must be learned, and not only learned but assimilated so that their correct application becomes instinctive and instantaneous.
  • It is in this way that, without violating their own opinions, they became assimilated more completely to their neighbors.
  • The man who has thoroughly assimilated the doctrine of historical materialism cannot for a moment doubt the inevitability of Socialism.
  • He assimilated this discovery in patience and cast an eye about the room, to locate, if possible, the missing property.
  • Then as now the queen of the art-world, Paris absorbed and assimilated to herself the most brilliant influences in civilisation.
  • Brahminism through centuries of isolation, has assimilated many extraneous heathen rites, and wild superstitions have overlaid the original creed.
  • His very blood has assimilated the "flowing poison," and the heart is no longer the centre of life, but of death.
  • On this plain the dress of the men is much assimilated to that of the Persians, but the women wear their national costume.
  • Thus, if climbing trees is referred to the need of exercise, it is assimilated to running, rowing, etc.
  • The experimentation of Magic is, however, so limited and so unconscious that it can hardly be assimilated to the modern scientific method.
  • Mr. Winter assimilated the foregoing information with a profound thankfulness that we in England do these things differently.
  • These bacteria probably assist in the absorption of nitrogen by changing the free nitrogen into compounds which can be assimilated by the plant.
  • These extracts show how both Wordsworth and Coleridge assimilated past literary products, and how they glorified them by reproduction.
  • But a type of ethics still further removed from the initial relativism has been adopted and more or less successfully assimilated by subjectivistic philosophies.
  • The oxygen of the air which we inhale purifies this blood and is assimilated into it, while the nitrogen absorbs the poisonous matter and is breathed out.
  • He is in the position of a musical performer who has sympathetically assimilated the composition he is rendering, but whose instrument is badly out of tune.
  • It is the philosophy of instinct, which should in normal development precede a philosophy of reason, in which it is eventually assimilated and supplemented.
  • As we have already seen, only that portion of our food is really useful which is assimilated into the blood, and the remainder only clogs the bowels.
  • He was, as a newcomer from home, wined, dined, evaluated, found an apartment, assigned a hovercar, and in general assimilated into the community.

Definition of Assimilated

simple past tense and past participle of assimilate
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