Assistance in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Assistance

1. Nor did they lack assistance from abroad. 🔊

2. All offers of assistance were refused the day of the party. 🔊

3. By his assistance I live, Syrus. 🔊

4. The management was fortunate in having the assistance of expert subordinates. 🔊

5. You need expect only the most affectionate care and assistance from me. 🔊

6. With French assistance success is certain; without it, more than doubtful. 🔊

7. And call a midwife; that we may be sure Of her assistance in the time of need. 🔊

8. He summoned Pep to his assistance after giving Randy a quick direction. 🔊

9. D'ye jest at such a time as this; And lend me no assistance by your counsel? 🔊

How to use Assistance in Sentences?

1. It would have been better not to have waited for tardy assistance so feebly administered. 🔊

2. His house was always open to those who sought in the right spirit for assistance or advice. 🔊

3. The poor Hungarian population would certainly express their gratitude for such assistance as that! 🔊

4. Your ingenuous boy, Terence, with the assistance of the people at the shebeen below. 🔊

5. Sucre met with reverses, and had to call on San Martin for assistance from Peru. 🔊

6. That the stage lines received the assistance they did, under such circumstances, is to be wondered at. 🔊

7. In the case of calls for lines in that same office, they complete the connection themselves without the assistance of the other operators. 🔊

8. Either may be in the right, and each of those who grant their assistance may believe that he supports a good cause. 🔊

9. The outline is made very plain, and the paragraphing is designed to be of real assistance to the student in his reading. 🔊

10. In vain the single soldier tried to protect her, and equally in vain was the assistance of two policemen who had come up. 🔊