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  • About that assistant of yours.
  • It was the assistant yard-master.
  • Or if out of terme an assistant must be provided?
  • His assistant is kneeling beside a furnace.
  • An assistant physician saw the child sneeze.
  • His jolly assistant waved the arm in question gaily.
  • Martin was an assistant to Desaguliers in his lectures.
  • Dr. Kalmar introduced his young assistant to the old man.
  • He was assistant secretary of the Astronomical Society.
  • The Assistant Godfried Abraham, Scriba.
  • I'll make you assistant sheriff.
  • Bill realized that they must be pilot and assistant pilot of this craft.
  • The assistant camera man gurgled and turned his back abruptly.
  • In fact, the idea of a general assistant had never before occurred to him.
  • For a certain reason I proposed he should come to be my assistant here.
  • Among the speakers were the assistant secretary of agriculture, Hon.
  • He is engaged as assistant teacher of the academy at Shelburne Falls.
  • I wish I had been half as stern with the assistant editor from Philadelphia.
  • To Assistant R.M., who has entered and said something in an undertone.
  • Didn't you tell me that your assistant called himself Walter?

How To Use Assistant In A Sentence?

  • Renouard had rendered to his assistant before leaving the island on this trip to town.
  • Chubikoff and his assistant expressed their thanks for the breakfast, and went toward the house.
  • This was at breakfast-time, and the doctor soon after went out, leaving an assistant in charge.
  • She is my sole companion, my housekeeper, my servant, and my assistant in the laboratory.
  • They have mutinied, and seized the fort, and confined the Assistant Commissioner.
  • Burns and Pete Lowry and the assistant had gone down the coulee, still studying the bluff closely.
  • With him, his wild brother, Jack; and Bill, his assistant plumber and man-about-shop.
  • I am to remain Assistant Quartermaster-General, attached to the Commander-in-Chief.
  • Now he'd have all of those and a talkative assistant who'd want to know the reasons for everything.
  • They were running him down street to a telegraph pole when the assistant superintendent appeared in scant attire and stopped them.
  • You gave me to understand that your assistant was alive, and now you say he's dead.
  • For twenty years she had acted as matron in one of the boarding-houses of the school at which her husband had been assistant master.
  • We know of an able surgeon who after a battle found that he had not a single assistant in his corps who could be trusted to perform an operation.
  • A competent military assistant would be provided, and continued under him as long as he should deem his services essential.
  • The village baker and his assistant came hot and floury from the bakehouse, bearing between them a great basket of fresh bread.
  • The defalcations of the head of the Treasury and his assistant being discovered, they were both forced to fly.
  • Even what was sent to Agram was sealed so that the post master alone or his assistant could unlock the bag.
  • At Cold Springs, Kelley was appointed assistant station-keeper under Jim McNaughton.
  • The window had been cleared and at a bench facing the street Jonah and an assistant pegged and hammered as if for dear life.
  • His young assistant from Earth had come scooting out of his disquietingly large quarters and was jittering in the office when they entered.

Definition of Assistant

Having a subordinate or auxiliary position. | Helping; lending aid or support; auxiliary. | (obsolete) Someone who is present; a bystander, a witness.
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