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Definition of Association

The act of associating. | The state of being associated; a connection to or an affiliation with something. | (statistics) Any relationship between two measured quantities that renders them statistically dependent (but not necessarily causal or a correlation).

How To Use Association In A Sentence?

  • My most agreeable experience consisted in my association with other members of the craft.
  • It is not free association, but the forms of association which they would impose upon us.
  • That association at first was small,' pursued Curran, 'the earth seemed to drink it as a rivulet.
  • The schools of the American Missionary Association have enrolled over three hundred children.
  • The association of manufacturing and weaving survived beyond the first quarter of the 19th century.
  • The Association published a weekly paper known as The Cotton Supply Reporter.
  • But truth to say the association of events was not so clear in my mind as it may be to the reader of this story.
  • Dear me, the power of association to snatch mouldy dead memories out of their graves and make them walk!
  • This fact speaks volumes for their greater prosperity and for the influence which association with a proud race has on the poorest people.
  • There was between us a most horrible fellowship; the association of his crazy torture with the sublime suffering of my passion.
  • The lad is a capital boy, and all the better for his early association with elder men on their own level.
  • It is used in a variety of ways and usually has for its purpose the inductive association of two circuits that are conductively separated.
  • Thus even the association of ideas is to be treated as a subsumption of the individual under the universal, which forms their connecting link.
  • Under the calm reserve of a most polished manner you can still detect a shrinking horror of all the vulgar association of the rank she came from.
  • This motive of lamentation is worked out on a grand scale, and in intimate association with the motives of brooding and of warning.
  • To secure this $1,000 he gives the association a mortgage on his property and pledges his five shares of stock.
  • One Bohemian family had to draw on their savings in the building and loan association during a year of unemployment.
  • This association was organized to launch a national agitation in favor of increasing the German military establishment.
  • This new acquaintance was D.C. Joseph, whose association I also enjoyed after reaching Jerusalem.
  • Benefit societies based either on neighborhood associations here or on village association in Europe, soon grow up.
  • The Alumni Association of the institute has contributed generously in proportion to their means to the work at the school.
  • No association with men, no military dignity of command, which she could so well assume, ever tarnished the lustre of her sweet humility.
  • In Uganda the association took no steps, but activity in cotton-growing is not unknown, and some good cotton is being produced.
  • According to the nature of things, the commission is not in a position to test the veracity of such rumours or to apprehend the association of events.
  • In a building and loan association the money is put up at auction, usually in open meeting on the night or at the time of the payment of dues.
  • She looked at him speculatively now as he rode beside her and wondered if association would beget an affection that would do as well as love if supplemented by the many things he had to offer?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Association | Association Sentence

  • The effect of association is inexorable.
  • What association of ideas did the sight of her recall?
  • I grew young in my months of association with her.
  • The association of Daker with Wainwright struck me sharply.
  • Something in the association gave him a feeling of unwonted tenderness.
  • He had a smile that frightened one by its association of malice and anguish.
  • These modern sectarians incessantly oppose association to actual society.
  • The work of association was going on in my head, unconsciously, all that time.
  • Or perhaps an association of former cooks, parlor maids, nurse girls?
  • In association with Krebs built a dirigible in 1884, with electric motor.
  • This magazine is published by the American Missionary Association quarterly.
  • It was founded by the American Missionary Association in October, 1871.
  • Suddenly the association of ideas brought to him Keith's threat.
  • Women's Christian Association has helped immigrants to find suitable homes.

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