Assumed That In A Sentence

How To Use Assumed That In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps each partner assumed that the other had gone by himself and made restoration.
  • Yet it is not to be assumed that in each and every case such elucidation will be possible.
  • But it should not be too readily assumed that vanity is purely a feminine characteristic.
  • Nor can it be in any way assumed that the evil will not continue and go on increasing.
  • It is then assumed that the quantity of sand and cement should be equal to the voids.
  • It is usually assumed that relative space implies that there is no absolute position.
  • It was assumed that all bull-fighters must have their own home in the court city.
  • Vocal theorists have always assumed that the correct action cannot be acquired by imitation.
  • If they do not speak, it is naturally assumed that they will forever after hold their peace.
  • He had always assumed that boys who were well dressed had fruit or candy in their pockets.
  • Let it be assumed that there are five members to be elected, and that there are ten candidates.
  • It is assumed that parents are seldom or never to blame for sending their children to work.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Assumed That | Assumed That Sentence

  • Naturally he assumed that he had been robbed.
  • I have assumed that you intend to be the same.
  • She heard it assumed that she had.
  • Had not the general government assumed that debt?
  • It must not be assumed that the throat is to be pampered.
  • We assumed that we understood human nature.
  • He assumed that a smile was a humanoid constant.
  • His lips had assumed that curious pursing.
  • It can be easily assumed that none of the boys were sorry.
  • The Romans had assumed that charge.
  • It is assumed that Aristotle was guilty of a like futility.
  • The very turf a regal hue Assumed that fatal night.
  • It is assumed that he is provided for and out of the account.
  • You only assumed that he did because his body was motionless.
  • It was generally assumed that having been sentenced he was in jail.
  • It is not to be assumed that one vocation is more honorable than the other.
  • He should have known it would be assumed that he had gone with his brothers.
  • What if she assumed that his object were to gain control of her estate?
  • It is assumed that the public must be startled all the time.
  • It must be assumed that the communication could be sustained.
  • It may then be safely assumed that the apparatus so treated is sterile.
  • I assumed that someone else was steering the ship all right.
  • It is assumed that a guest is not afraid to eat as much as he wants.
  • I've always assumed that till this afternoon.
  • Thus far in our study, we have assumed that we knew what competition was.
  • It is generally assumed that the family group wants the separate house.
  • He had assumed that this way with its dank chill must give on the river.
  • My ancestors were modest, or perhaps they assumed that virtue.
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