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  • On this assumption the proposals deserve no discussion.
  • His one-time madness forbade assumption of such office.
  • But fortunately the assumption of the necessitarian is not true.
  • The assumption may have been noted above that the sheet is to be smoked.
  • The fundamental assumption on which it is based is utterly groundless.
  • We evaded them elaborately with an assumption of exhaustive knowledge.
  • It is usually a safer assumption that our observation is in error.
  • His assumption of smiling pleasantly was gone like a wisp of smoke.
  • In every other branch of historical study, this assumption is made.
  • The assumption of "proper preparation" leaves great room for reservations.

How To Use Assumption In A Sentence?

  • Or was there some solid foundation of fact in his blustering assumption of power?
  • The appearance of the rubber does not justify the assumption that it has been over-smoked.
  • He finally offered it to them at the assumption of its mortgage-bonds and its fixed charges.
  • Any assumption of sentiment seemed to May to be sickening under the circumstances.
  • This assumption of superiority on both sides tends to hinder rather than to further mutual understanding.
  • The coolness of this assumption is admirable; but it is fully equalled by the conclusion which follows.
  • Cunning cannot invent an assumption that any qualification can better serve the spiritual and temporal interests of the people than knowledge.
  • It is the assumption of simplicity that does the trick, and so well is that put on that it comes close to the real thing.
  • The assumption of a corporate appearance is a very unfair trick: and there are junctures at which harm might be done by it.
  • In brief, it announced the establishment of a dictatorship pending the formal assumption of the crown by the conqueror.
  • This assumption has been incautiously conceded to the atheist by his opponent, and hence his argument has not been clearly and fully refuted.
  • There are elaborate funeral rites which point to the assumption that the spirit of the hero is living somewhere and needs various things.
  • If we discard it, nothing remains but the irrational assumption of a miracle, a supernatural creation.
  • The bare fact was stated, and the assumption is, therefore, that it was not an unusual circumstance.
  • I found in one of their tracts the assumption of a right to persecute, modified by an asserted conviction that force was not efficient.
  • If the assumption be that the sheath is not grounded, then the student may say that no current at all would flow from the high-potential wire.
  • At the present place the simple concept of cognition is what confronts the quite general assumption taken up by the question, viz.
  • Now, this analogical argument, to have any legitimate weight, must proceed on the assumption of two facts.
  • If he appears there with any assumption of political authority or title in Mexico, you will entirely refrain from intercourse with him.
  • I said to myself that I would not let my natural anger, my just fury be disarmed by any assumption of pathos or dignity.
  • At least, that was the assumption of Tom and Jack, for they could count but nine where there should have been ten.
  • Working on the assumption that the presence of lactic bacteria is inimical to the growth of septic organisms, this preparation has been placed on the market.
  • But the assumption that there is a correspondence between the succession of ideas in history and the natural order of philosophy is hardly true even of the beginnings of thought.
  • The assumption of privilege and prerogative might be only the inborn consciousness of distinction, but he fancied it might be more effective for being tempered.
  • And among these last, particularly, there was a revolt against the assumption that in the presence of such issues any impartiality of thought was possible.
  • It is to me the strangest of conventions, this assumption of unreal loyalties and traditional respects, this repudiation and concealment of passionate interests.
  • We must admit this hypothetical element, which we cannot get rid of by an assumption that we have already discovered the method to which all philosophy must conform.
  • The fundamental assumption of natural magic is that the universe as a whole and each component part of it is dominated by an indwelling spirit with whom it is possible for the magician to get into communication.
  • The inevitable assumption that any extra tasks of housework or sewing should fall to the women may make for a disproportionately long and tedious day for the woman lodger.
  • If he does not at once buy cotton, but quotes on the assumption that price will remain steady, he may be involved in serious loss through his estimate being mistaken.

Definition of Assumption

The act of assuming, or taking to or upon oneself; the act of taking up or adopting. | The act of taking for granted, or supposing a thing without proof; a supposition; an unwarrantable claim. | The thing supposed; a postulate, or proposition assumed; a supposition.
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