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  • Both assumptions are wrong.
  • Each of these assumptions is equally groundless.
  • The main assumptions in this theory are the following.
  • At the time, these assumptions seemed practicable.
  • Copyright's assumptions are different.
  • Statement of the assumptions upon which the Plan is based.
  • The first of these assumptions I endeavoured to deal with in the last chapter.
  • What these assumptions were, I shall discuss in the next chapter.

How To Use Assumptions In A Sentence?

  • Many of the assumptions on which they rest their case have proved to be wrong.
  • The theory of the ether is one of the most helpful assumptions of modern science.
  • There are two unwarrantable assumptions in what Dr. Whateley writes about Elocution: 1.
  • The SAGE, insatiable for information, desires to have the unfounded assumptions particularised.
  • Ethics is only too apt to suppose that will and intelligence are assumptions which need no special justification.
  • Their definitions were vitiated by theological assumptions and none of them has become a text for commentators or students.
  • A quite reasonable state of things is practicable if we proceed on human assumptions and not on academic ones.
  • The visualization of valid and useful assumptions frequently makes the most serious demands on professional knowledge and judgment.
  • We could sum them up thus: do not apply identical assumptions to physical and intellectual property.
  • If prepared in advance, it usually is based on certain assumptions which are clearly stated in the plan.
  • She took in the whole scene as she entered, and measured the assumptions of the girls with cool indifference.
  • Two assumptions are made from this text by those who place the Limnae by the extant theatre.
  • Therefore the assumptions from which both follow, namely, multiplicity and motion, cannot be real things.
  • As we now know, the scheme was built upon the false assumptions that the elements are immutable and that their atomic weights are invariable.
  • Dalton could not prove these assumptions to be true, but he saw that if they were true the laws of matter become very easy to understand.
  • It tends to produce a habit of mind to which certain assumptions are natural and inevitable, certain other assumptions incredible from the first.
  • We talked of details which may well be omitted here, for the majority of them were based upon assumptions subsequently to be proved erroneous.
  • It is not to be expected that a plan based upon assumptions will, in all respects, be suitable for use in an actual situation.
  • The existence of the fire-mist and nuclei are assumptions only, and the way by which he tries to account for rotatory motion is clearly erroneous.
  • Information of the enemy and that of own forces, and assumptions where pertinent, are usually set forth in separate unlettered subparagraphs.
  • Leaving these exceptions, we may next inquire into the relevant purposes of the nebular hypothesis, supposing its assumptions acquiesced in.
  • Japan had provided a body of common assumptions strong enough to sustain democracy, despite the burden of mutually tolerated disagreements.
  • Most of the time, though, it was the assemblers and distributors of content whose voices and assumptions about markets would be heard.
  • Fortunately, I am not compelled to accept the great misfortune and bow to the assumptions of a ruling race.
  • In abasements and assumptions love, like beauty, being one and indivisible, remained unchangeably love.
  • Yet theology will live, and never lose its dignity and importance; only, some of its present assumptions may be discarded.
  • In addition to the information to be furnished, a statement is given of the assumptions (page 155) forming the basis of the plan.
  • Our attention, therefore, must be given, in the first instance, to the fundamental assumptions on which the whole superstructure is built.
  • The latter is not to be confused with assumptions which, in Operation Plans, are accepted as a basis.
  • This process runs counter to the assumptions of theorists of collective action problems in a way remarkable enough to have attracted its own chroniclers.
  • If this be the case the formulae of both assumptions will obviously reduce to a close approximation to the formulae of the second assumption which are the ordinary formulae of dynamical textbooks.
  • There is nothing doctoral in his literary costume; and if he has any pretension, it resembles in no particular the grave assumptions of the cathedrants of the university.

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plural of assumption
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