Assurance In A Sentence

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  • I have the same assurance of the genuineness of mine.
  • He asked for more assurance of her faith.
  • With this comforting assurance she went to bed.
  • The old assurance seemed to have gone entirely out of her.
  • Mysterious cove with the assurance of Mephistopheles.
  • In America he connected himself with an assurance office.
  • With that assurance we left the Executive Mansion.
  • On from Newtown with assurance of water at Middletown.
  • The lightning gave him sufficient assurance that she was alive and unhurt.
  • She carried herself with an assurance which was almost overdone.
  • Bind us by every act that brings assurance to the doubting mind.
  • The man's assurance had no effect upon the policeman.

How To Use Assurance In A Sentence?

  • Command of men had given him that calm assurance which is the mark of the captain.
  • Accordingly, the sinner can never have the assurance that he will enter heaven.
  • Second, by the purchase of bonds the world had assurance that the debt would be paid.
  • But he walked to the church without any assurance that he knew the distemper, or could heal it.
  • Peter, safe and sound now, leaped aboard the launch with the assurance of an admiral.
  • What does the Bible say about faith being assurance of pardon and everlasting life?
  • And Sylvia felt a wave of relief at the assurance that her father had not set a definite time.
  • The cowboys insisted on the cattle, with the assurance that Rebstock could explain everything.
  • They skirted the dancing space, leaving Sylvia with the assurance that they would soon return.
  • He may have been only gloating over the assurance that the night was long and that he had all these hours to himself.
  • We have been out so long that there is time for no more to-day than this assurance of my safety.
  • In this slipping of the world from beneath her feet she got a certain assurance from the affirmation of her identity.
  • In her ignorance and his assurance of what was likely to happen, she allowed herself to follow his lead.
  • There is no assurance that a nut tree which fruits on the average of eight out of ten years will continue to do so in the future.
  • Tito in pieces with as much assurance as if he had been clockwork, literature has begun to change into something else.
  • In carrying out this assurance everything else must follow, and therefore it is sufficient and satisfactory to our citizens.
  • It was one of the queerest proposals that a girl had ever had, but confidence had come to him, and the assurance that she was his already.
  • Then she lifted it, and a radiant smile passed over her face, a smile as of assurance and thankful joy.
  • The Afridi hesitated, and when he spoke at last there was not quite the same assurance in his voice as once there had been.
  • I stammered something that sounded like an assurance that I was far from intending such presumption.
  • I felt a confidence arising from this reflection, an assurance of protection which I cannot describe.
  • There are other views of things which may be used to give us a perfect (though in my opinion a delusive) assurance of our own security.
  • He vibrates between the fashionable assurance of a London swindler, and the modest diffidence of an overgrown schoolboy.
  • If she tried to draw out that something from Frank, his only reply was an assurance of ardent affection and devotion.
  • This prejudiced the world so much at first, that several of my friends had the assurance to ask me whether I were in jest?
  • When the solemnity was over, I received the first kiss from my sweet betrothed, and the assurance of her great love for me.
  • The chief assurance for any considerable well-doing in the world is to be found in good purposes and in fixedness of purpose when a purpose has been formed.
  • This assurance brings us no relief; we still demand, if God be just, as in truth he is, how can he deal with us after such a manner?

Definition of Assurance

The act of assuring; a declaration tending to inspire full confidence; that which is designed to give confidence. | The state of being assured; firm persuasion; full confidence or trust; freedom from doubt; certainty. | Firmness of mind; undoubting, steadiness; intrepidity; courage; confidence; self-reliance.
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