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  • I assure you that he never did.
  • But of this he was not able to assure himself.
  • I assure you it was perfectly unexpected.
  • I assure you she made a very determined fight.
  • I need not assure you of my sympathy with your misfortune.
  • La crainte assûre mon repos.
  • Dear man, assure me of its fall.
  • I assure you she has no more nerves than I have.
  • Now, I assure you that it is not so.
  • I assure you that I am most seriously alarmed.
  • There will be no duel, I assure you.
  • According to your virtues, I assure you.
  • It is quite irregular, I assure you.
  • Before he let him up he pummelled him well, I assure you.
  • I assure you, I had much rather you would go.
  • The Fathers assure Davidson that it is a serious vocation.
  • No, I assure you Azzolati had done nothing to me.
  • But I can assure you, I was not in the least to blame.
  • Did not you assure me, Sirrah, They were at variance?
  • This will be enough to fetch him down here, I can assure you.
  • I assure you that I have found it anything but an uninteresting experience.
  • But it's true, I assure you.
  • No, I assure you, don't worry.
  • And now I'll go and assure my other patients that they're really ill.
  • Besides, people do not die for love; and I assure you it will be all right.
  • I assure you the translations are accurate, Dr. Davenport said.
  • And yet I assure you, that just then I lost all sense of inferiority.
  • No, Sir, I faithfully assure you, my reserve is owing to no such causes.
  • You'll get nothing by your present attitude, I do assure you.

How To Use Assure In A Sentence?

  • He tried to assure himself that what people were thinking had nothing to do with him.
  • I sought to quiet my good angel, and to assure her that this lady had nothing to do with her.
  • Well, let me assure you that under ordinary circumstances it would have been a good shot.
  • I assure you, upon my honor, that the same sum has been remitted to me for several quartets.
  • And God, assure your selfe, hath wealth in store, If you awaight his will with patience.
  • I hope Terence is safe; I can assure you Shane is; I saw him not an hour since.
  • In short, You may assure him also, if you please, That I've betroth'd my daughter to him.
  • He tried to assure her that the danger was over; that guards were now outside everywhere, and would be until morning.
  • They encouraged the common man to believe that the purchase of a papal pardon would assure him impunity without any real repentance on his part.
  • There was no suspicion, he begged to assure us, that we might attempt to practise espionage about troop movements.
  • I can assure the writer of the Sunday articles that a knowledge of palmistry does not necessarily make one popular.

Definition of Assure

(transitive) To make sure and secure. | (transitive, followed by that or of) To give (someone) confidence in the trustworthiness of (something). | (obsolete) To guarantee, promise (to do something).
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