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  • But he assured me that he was in earnest.
  • He assured her that he would not hurt her.
  • Filippo assured me of her unaltered constancy.
  • It assured us that we were tenderly cared for at home.
  • I cannot invite you here, but be assured of my gratitude.
  • Of his identity the field-glasses assured us.
  • Boyce assured him, in three short gasps.
  • The account assured Manguino that nothing was amiss.
  • Whether they are well assured it would have a happy Issue?
  • Mrs. Yorke assured him that such could not be the case.
  • If they do not, they may understand and be assured of the fact now.
  • He assured me he had long intended to gradually give his slaves their liberty.
  • War, the intuition of the mob assured it, was now inevitable.
  • He only assured the General that he would convey his invitation.
  • No chance at all," Philippa assured him.
  • A moment's scrutiny assured us that they were Mounted Policemen.

How To Use Assured In A Sentence?

  • When he was able to rise again peace was assured and he resolved to become a lawyer.
  • Every one is assured of a hearty welcome, and falls to in earnest when the grace has been sung.
  • Rest assured that I highly value you, and am prepared to prove this at any moment by deeds.
  • He desired me anxiously to elaborate this view, and I assured him it was quite within my powers.
  • Hatherleigh, who was a Hampshire man, assured us we ought to know the Scottish miner.
  • He was certain that their safety was only assured by the speed of which they could make it to the other side of the forest.
  • Something within assured her that she would feel perfectly at ease with any kings or queens who chanced to cross her path.
  • I said as much; but your son assured me that he had never spoken to her in the house, but had met her when she went out for her walks.
  • It seemed as if the uncertainty of being loved would be less intolerable than thus to be assured of it, and yet not dare to enjoy the conviction.
  • Brook put his hand on Lloyd's shoulder and assured him that he made no mistake.
  • Uraschima Taro fondly assured her that nothing in the world should keep him from her, and bade her farewell.
  • Rest assured that you may at all times expect every possible kindness from me, but can I hope for the same from you?
  • Herr v. Schuppanzigh assured me, when he was here, that you were anxious to acquire some of my productions for your house.
  • He had talked himself into companionship, and assured me he no longer bore me any grudge for the error of which I had been the innocent cause.
  • Of course, now, I am assured that he is the victim of his noble confidence in the rectitude of his kind.
  • The child assured me his mamma had been a beautiful player, but that no one ever opened her grand piano, which stood in a parlor above the street.
  • I was very grateful to her, and assured them all how superior was Miss Benette to all the members of the class.
  • There are thousands of Regulars and Territorials awaiting orders and in sending a present now you are assured of reaching your man.
  • Jessie assured him that she was well protected, and Joe and I followed her and her sturdy escort out to the gate.
  • The Doctor assured the old woman that he was thinking a great deal about them all, and that there were other eyes on Dick besides her own.
  • There was nothing to fear from beavers; anyway, Hicks assured her, he never had known a beaver to attack anybody.
  • Rest assured that I do not ask you one farthing more than others have offered me, which I can prove to you by written documents.
  • Wallie laughed lightly, and as he went down to meet the groom who was now at the foot of the steps with the horses he assured her that there was not the least cause for anxiety.
  • Grant assured him that he was a graduate of West Point, had served eleven years in the regular army, and knew all about such matters.

Definition of Assured

Guaranteed | Confident. | simple past tense and past participle of assure
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