Astonish in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Astonish

1. You grieve and astonish me! 🔊

2. You astonish me so unspeakably. 🔊

3. I astonish me that you speak here in the street. 🔊

4. Holmes, you astonish me. 🔊

5. Darling, you so astonish me. 🔊

6. Nothing the barrister said or did could astonish him now. 🔊

7. Really, my friend, you astonish me. 🔊

8. The news did not astonish Penny for she had anticipated it. 🔊

9. You astonish me; for have you not Miss Cheriton? 🔊

10. Nor is there anything here that should astonish the considerate. 🔊

11. I'll astonish you all with my learning. 🔊

12. He meant to astonish the public to shame it for its injustice. 🔊

13. I asked without surprise, for this news did not astonish me. 🔊

14. But I think I can tell you one thing which may astonish you. 🔊

15. He would send her to Paris, to Italy, and she should astonish the world. 🔊

16. Because, sir, I intend to astonish you; my dear fellow, give me your hand. 🔊

17. And those explanations might astonish you--a little. 🔊

How to use Astonish in Sentences?

1. The encounter did not appear to astonish him, nor to add to his pleasure either. 🔊

2. But I am in excellent condition as regards my wounds and astonish myself by my powers. 🔊

3. Well, they are very pretty sport, only I think they would astonish the natives here a little. 🔊

4. You really astonish me, dearest Fanny, so much by your letter, that I must reply to it at once. 🔊