Astonishment In A Sentence

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  • Then further astonishment came to him.
  • His astonishment made him speak slowly.
  • I was stuck dumb with astonishment and uncertainty.
  • A low cry of astonishment broke from the squire.
  • With a sudden cry of astonishment he remembered the baby.
  • A murmur of astonishment arose among the players.
  • With astonishment he turned and looked round the room.
  • A buzz of astonishment and laughter greeted her outbreak.
  • The English shrieked in their astonishment and affright.
  • They turned in astonishment and saw Whispering Smith.
  • Patricia gazed with astonishment at this amazing young sister of hers.
  • Nor did the prevailing astonishment at the discovery seem to concern them.
  • He opened his eyes wide and looked with astonishment at his wife.
  • Bill stared in wide-eyed astonishment at the harsh injustice of the attack.
  • Lawrence and Dan just now rode up and gazed in astonishment at the scene.
  • Travers Nugent's astonishment seemed to overwhelm him.
  • The face of the elder professor was a study of astonishment for Lavater.
  • In astonishment Iemon noted the fright depicted in his face.
  • Picture to yourselves the astonishment of good old Master Cherry!
  • I swallowed my astonishment and sweet day you'll retire from practise.

How To Use Astonishment In A Sentence?

  • The watchful party waited in breathless astonishment till it was close to the house.
  • Either from dullness or astonishment the peasants gave no greeting, and only fell back in silence.
  • I was lost in astonishment first of all at what I had been listening to all night.
  • To Celio's astonishment a villainous appearing brigand advanced and knelt at Murat's feet.
  • With a gasp of astonishment the young man struck a sputtering match and bent down waving it before him.
  • Great was the astonishment of my companions, when they saw the number of deer that were feeding in this little lake.
  • The eyes being finished, imagine his astonishment when he perceived that they moved and looked fixedly at him.
  • They came to a gate, which he opened, but to her astonishment proceeded to walk through it first himself.
  • Such were the pattering replies that poured in upon him, while words of intense astonishment at his ignorance were exchanged on all sides.
  • The stupid animal will stand, gazing in astonishment at the light, until the boat almost touches him.
  • It was most amusing to watch their quick, eager ways, and their astonishment when they reached the edge of the table.
  • She poured out her prodigal affections in kisses and caresses, and in a vocabulary of endearments whose profusion was always an astonishment to me.
  • To his great astonishment he saw the latter lying in his bed; received, however, no answer to his questions.
  • As she started to dress herself with feverish haste, Chook recovered enough from his astonishment to ask her where she was going.
  • When the Caliph recovered from his astonishment he said that he was now, indeed, enchanted and hoped to remain so always.
  • I was conscious of looking at him in astonishment and in a dazed sort of way as I walked across the large room to open the door.
  • The servant was still in the room; but no look of astonishment appeared on his face, and Hubert hoped he had not heard.
  • Then he jumped to his feet, fumbled across the room and opened the door to find Noreen staring with astonishment at the tied overshoes.
  • To the utter astonishment of all present, the psychograph replied No! and when questioned again and again, became troublesome.
  • Neither Pinkey nor Wallie was easily startled, but when they saw their guests the most their astonishment permitted was an inarticulate gurgle.

Definition of Astonishment

amazement, great surprise | An amazing thing or phenomenon.
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