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How To Use Astral In A Sentence?

  • When we come to deal with the astral senses themselves the methods of working are very different.
  • The connection between bird and fish may have been given an astral significance.
  • He formed the air parts of his being in accordance with the images of his astral body.
  • Now it is the task of occult science to study this other kind of existence in the astral body.
  • And its teaching is chiefly directed towards the cultivation and development of the astral life.
  • Until the rebuilding of his astral body, man is a witness of his reconstruction.
  • Imaginative cognition is attained by developing the lotus flowers within the astral body.
  • It lives an astral life within a physical body fashioned to be its dwelling place.
  • But the astral body plays a part in all the events that take place between birth and death.
  • A strange blending of primitive beliefs occurred when the deities were given astral forms.
  • Filled with these impressions, the astral part of man was drawn into the sphere of the ego.
  • They have as their lowest principle not the physical body, but the astral body with the ego.
  • They thus make it possible for the physical body to become a physiognomic copy of its astral body.
  • After the birth of the ego, this astral body enriches itself by experiencing the outer world.
  • After its separation from the etheric body, the astral body pursues its further wanderings alone.
  • Subsequently, the astral body is also released from the etheric body and goes on its way alone.
  • She began lighting the tall astral lamp on the table, and its prisms danced and swung.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Astral | Astral Sentence

  • What does the angel do in our astral body.
  • What does the angel do in our astral body?
  • It is called the astral body.
  • Their lowest principle is the astral body.
  • The astral sphere is its purging chamber.
  • With our astral life it is very much otherwise.
  • But the astral body is the vehicle of all these things.
  • In this residue are poured four grains of astral tincture.
  • In sleep his astral body returns to the universal harmony.
  • An etheric body awake, is illuminated by an astral body.
  • The astral colors are red, blue, and white.
  • It is Astral religion carried to its furthest point.
  • The astral colors are red and yellow; the flower, jonquil.
  • Comparison with the Astral Body.
  • The Astral Belt is everywhere dense with blood.
  • Hence they became more and more free from the errors of the astral body.
  • Something of this kind happens to the human astral body on awaking.
  • For this purpose we have merely to compare the physical with the astral body.
  • Everything human existing at that period is still in its astral form.
  • They are in the first place created from the substance of the astral body.
  • They cause their own astral body to stream through the human etheric body.
  • Lard is a good substitute for oil, for astral and other large lamps.
  • The astral phase of the character of Ashur is highly probable.

Definition of Astral

Relating to or resembling the stars; starry. | (biology) Relating to an aster. | (parapsychology, theosophy) Relating to a supposed supersensible substance taking the form of an aura discernible by certain gifted individuals.
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