Astuteness in a sentence 🔊

How to use Astuteness in Sentences?

1. We are indebted for its development to the astuteness of our distinguished representative. 🔊

2. Johnston, whose astuteness they feared, was proving himself worthy of their opinion. 🔊

3. I admit I was much annoyed, because I rather prided myself on the astuteness I had displayed. 🔊

4. And had he, by that time, acquired astuteness sufficient to cheat the other party to the contract of his due? 🔊

5. None but theocrats, in whose own hearts faith in their central principle was waning, could develop such astuteness and diplomacy. 🔊

6. Outside the city on the road to Tali there is a loss on exchange varying according to your astuteness from 3 to 6 per cent. 🔊

7. Why are rascality and astuteness regarded as great qualities in the Spanish people, when there is no other so noble, so proud, so chivalrous as it? 🔊

8. How well these accomplishments attested the high order of her intellectual training; how perfectly they demonstrated the astuteness of her power of thought, when applied to practical subjects. 🔊

9. It was an ordeal which made even her devoutest adherents tremble; for we knew the astuteness of the churchmen, and how that they would seek to win admissions which they would pervert to their own uses afterwards. 🔊