At Bay In A Sentence

How To Use At Bay In A Sentence?

  • In 1623 he was at Bay, and died, in 1626.
  • He could trust Jim to delay him, to hold him at bay.
  • The Berserk at Bay, one might call it.
  • A Bushranger at Bay 98 V.
  • A Bushranger at Bay The Hon.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For At Bay | At Bay Sentence

  • He was fairly at bay.
  • And there he stood at bay.
  • There they kept the savage at bay.
  • He was like a dog at bay.
  • Leonidas will resist fearfully when at bay.
  • The man was held at bay.
  • I can keep this man at bay.
  • All seemed kept at bay.
  • We did not care to put them at bay.
  • Here, again he had the enemy at bay.
  • He had the look of a wild animal at bay.
  • An end she was doing her best to keep at bay.
  • Again and again they keep the frenzied enemy at bay.
  • She looked like a hunted creature at bay.
  • Jim stood like a young lion at bay.
  • They stood at bay in an old palisaded fort.
  • The look in her eyes was like that of a fawn at bay.
  • They grappled with the mob like beasts at bay.
  • At last a single man stood at bay.
  • There in front of them the giant turned and stood at bay.
  • The fires held the nocturnal creatures at bay.
  • The flames gave them warmth and kept the wolves at bay.
  • She turned upon him like some wild creature at bay.
  • They, too, had stood at bay.
  • But the continuous volley-firing still kept them at bay.
  • Bosco, turned round and stood at bay.
  • They felt, in a sense, at bay.
  • A desperate man turns at bay, and sells his life dearly.
  • She stood like a wild creature at bay, past fear now.
  • And during the second third Ainnli kept them at bay.
  • That terror, at least, she felt must be kept at bay.
  • All day long the army of the Persians was kept at bay.
  • No question remained of keeping a mad Kaffraria at bay.
  • Poor brute at bay, caged with Severance!
  • She saw Lund at bay, and snatched out her pistol.
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