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  • The hand was kept at Boston.
  • Why was the destruction of the tea at Boston necessary?
  • The Massacre at Boston.
  • We arrived safe, however, at Boston in about a fortnight.
  • Ester Goffe was the most interesting person at Boston.
  • Ley, Lord, at Boston ordinary, 6.
  • Blackstone, William, first settler at Boston, 190.
  • At Boston?
  • On his arrival at Boston there were only fourteen thousand men.
  • There were three new ships being built for the navy at Boston.
  • We returned to the wharf at Boston in the cutter's boat.
  • At Boston, he shipped before the mast as able seaman in a big deep-water ship.
  • The first road of this kind in America was built at Boston in 1807.
  • She was educated in private schools at Boston and Cambridge, Mass.
  • He had planned to arrive at Boston, in time to celebrate the New Year.
  • At Boston and Concord I followed the progress of the War of Independence.
  • May 11th, 1838.--At Boston last week.

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  • There were quite enough soldiers at Boston to get themselves and the colonists into trouble.
  • The other vessel they also burnt, because some pirate had been lately hung at Boston.
  • They tell that boys twelve years of age are shouldering guns and rushing into battle at Boston.
  • This book, which appeared only lately at Boston, consists of a few of such lectures.
  • At last the retreating column safely arrived at Boston, spent and worn out with fatigue.
  • A riot took place at Boston, and the revenue officers were forced to withdraw from their posts.
  • Let the anniversary at Madison be an adjourned meeting of the anniversary at Boston.
  • Rhode Island had already submitted and had sent its members to sit with the council at Boston.
  • Benjamin Franklin was born at Boston in 1706, the fifteenth of a family of seventeen children.
  • Four years later he was admitted to the bar at Boston, and in 1812 he was elected to Congress.
  • I also requested him to telegraph to Chief Paymaster at Boston, which he promised to do.
  • This book was published at Boston, Massachusetts, in the month of October, 1692.
  • Captain Lawrence took the command of the Chesapeake at Boston toward the end of May, 1813.
  • It was about ten o'clock at night when the steamer anchored at the wharf at Boston.
  • He said that just as he was hauling out of the dock at Boston, you jumped into the water with your child.
  • He was afterwards imprisoned at Boston on suspicion of being engaged in the slave trade; but he escaped.
  • The first composer of church music in America was William Billings, born at Boston, Oct. 7, 1747.
  • Franklin, who had already seen similar apparatus at Boston, and his friends, set to work experimenting.
  • He is spoken of here as a good sort of man, and I can have no doubt that you will find him the same at Boston.
  • He was, however, all the while prosecuting his studies in law, and in the year 1805 entered on the duties of a legal practitioner at Boston.
  • On the receipt of this memorial General Gage ordered that all evidences of title be submitted to him at Boston.
  • He proceeded to France in execution of this mission, embarking at Boston; and that was the only occasion on which he ever visited this place.
  • This revealed to them his fine lace-embroidered coat, which had been given to him as a bribe, at Boston last October.
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