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  • I bought her at public auction.
  • Mademoiselle Loulou, a celebrated dancer at public halls.
  • One of them takes place after the blood-offerings at public festivals.
  • No one then dreamed of transporting the children at public expense.
  • At public dinners this toast is habitually placed last on the list.
  • Excellent books on marriage and family life are available at public libraries.
  • The "houses" were very large, tickets being sold at public auction.
  • Slave dealers usually offered their wares at public auction sales (Fig. 29).
  • Landlord in luck; horse at public-house; Petulengro lends Borrow 50 pounds.

How To Use At Public In A Sentence?

  • Bitter accusations and recriminations at public meetings and private gatherings followed.
  • Notice that this is the constant refrain of the ladies whom one meets at public balls.
  • Late hours are more especially objectionable at public balls than at a private house.
  • I had seen him on three separate occasions as a candidate at public examinations.
  • These are the men who find time to preside at public meetings, and to serve on committees.
  • They were of low class, and there was no investigation, simply a burial at public expense.
  • I have often made an awful fool of myself at conferences, at public meetings, etc.
  • My own first attempts at public reading were made on this village platform, twenty years ago.
  • To see their faces at public meetings, or in church, you would think them eminently godly.
  • Afterwards, when the Temple was built, musical instruments were constantly used at public worship.
  • As late as 1923 these regulations were in effect at public beaches in Cleveland and Chicago.
  • Very naturally! for old Roeper had sold it at public auction, because it was that of Gustavus.
  • The speech of the Racquette County Judge was the usual thing at public hearings.
  • Not a few of them had come over to enrich themselves at public expense and under conditions altogether scandalous.
  • Sheridan broke down completely on the occasion of his first effort at public speaking, but declared that it was in him and should come out.
  • Sound classical and mathematical education, to fit for scholarships and the higher forms at public schools.
  • Bands of citizens in the capital were even going about of nights hurling stones at public buildings and expressing their dissatisfaction.
  • The compiler has been indefatigable for some years past in registering the titles of rare books as they occurred at public sales.
  • We are privileged to secure one of the best educations to be obtained in the world, but we obtain it at public expense.
  • The kasgi is built and maintained at public expense, each villager considering it an honor to contribute something.
  • One or two vicars had had ideas of improving the place, and had mooted the matter at public and parochial meetings.
  • They give excellent account of themselves in primary schools, and in performances at public entertainments they are letter-perfect.
  • With the noisy declaimer at public meetings, the mob-orator or pamphleteer, we shall have no sympathy.
  • He was constant in his attendance at public worship, and showed much dutiful affection and attention to his widowed mother.
  • If the land owner refused to build, then the court could order the warehouse built at public expense.
  • At the age of fourteen he attended a somewhat more advanced academy for a few months, and his first effort at public speaking there was a failure.
  • She does not take much to reading, but she is fond of listening; and is a regular and devout attendant at public worship.
  • That was just after he had been dining a good deal with rich people in England, and at public dinners.
  • His tone, the way he drew the muscles of his face, ironed out her frown of disgust at public opinion with a smile.
  • Just how many warehouses were built at public expense is difficult to determine, probably only a few, if any, were built in this manner.
  • If goods are not exported and the customs charges are due and unpaid, the government may dispose of the goods at public sale to obtain its claim.
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