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  • Atahualpa sat upon his reeling throne gazing upon the bloody scene in a daze of surprise.
  • Valverde had referred to the book in his hand as he had spoken and Atahualpa now asked to see it.
  • Atahualpa had sent secret orders to the most distant populations to arm themselves and come to his rescue.
  • Atahualpa concluded that he was merely one of the common herd, and found an opportunity of telling him so.
  • Atahualpa was borne aloft on a throne made of massive gold, supported on the shoulders of his attendants.
  • When the verdict of the court was communicated to Atahualpa, he did not receive it with any remarkable degree of fortitude.
  • Atahualpa soon perceived that thirst for gold was the great motive that had impelled the Spaniards to their audacious enterprize.
  • The natives, it seems, are fond of playing a kind of drama, in which the trial and death of Atahualpa are represented.
  • A mock judgment condemned Atahualpa to the extreme penalty for the crimes of idolatry, polygamy, usurpation, fratricide and rebellion.
  • Late in the afternoon, Pizarro received a message that Atahualpa had changed his mind and would not visit him until the following day.
  • But ere the subordinate Peruvian chiefs, who hardly understood the import of the scene, could interfere, a powerful defender rose before Atahualpa.
  • It was a pretty heavy demand to spring upon a great monarch in the midst of his people, and it was not to be wondered at that Atahualpa rejected these requests with contempt.
  • Atahualpa, furiously affronted, desired to have him {90} put to death, but Felippo was too important to the Spaniards, and he was spared.
  • Atahualpa himself was in the prime of life, beautiful as a pard, and with a native port of majesty which well might have been envied by the haughtiest monarch of Christendom.
  • Greatly desiring his freedom, Atahualpa, who had observed the Spanish greed for gold, made an extraordinary proposition to Pizarro.
  • Atahualpa was delighted with these overtures, and invited his pretended allies to a conference near Caxamarca, where the Spaniards had installed themselves.
  • Atahualpa had hitherto turned a deaf ear to all his importunities, but at the last moment Valverde told him that if he would consent to receive baptism, he should be strangled instead of burnt to death.
  • Adopting the policy of Cortes, he pushed directly for the capital Cuzco, where they managed to seize Atahualpa, the Inca of the time.
  • Pizarro dissembled his intentions and received them with fair words, but refusing to halt, kept steadily on, announcing his intention of visiting Atahualpa wherever he might be found.
  • While De Soto was away, at the instigation of the soldiers, Pizarro with seeming reluctance, allowed Atahualpa to be brought to trial.
  • Pizarro realized this and got rid of De Soto by sending him away to investigate as to the truth of rumors that Atahualpa was conspiring to obtain his freedom.
  • Atahualpa, realizing how important such a man would be to the Spaniards, sent orders that he be put to death and the unfortunate deposed Inca was therefore executed by the two generals.
  • As Francisco had done when he had killed Atahualpa, these two put on mourning and insisted upon being pall-bearers, and exhibited every outward manifestation of deep and abiding grief.
  • They had taken that unhappy monarch prisoner and, by a series of terrible massacres instigated by Atahualpa, had striven with large success to cut off the family of the unfortunate Inca root and branches.
  • Atahualpa asked Pizarro if this was true, and being assured that it was, he abjured his religion to avoid the agonies of fire, and was thereupon baptised under the name of Juan de Atahualpa.
  • The war which speedily arose between Atahualpa and his half-brother Huascar was the great cause that made it possible for Pizarro and his miniature army to get a footing in the Peruvian territory.
  • Before he was garroted, Atahualpa begged that his remains might be preserved at Quito with those of his mother's people.
  • One of these detachments even entered into relations with the captive Inca, Huascar, and the latter hastened to offer the Spaniards yet more gold than Atahualpa was giving them if they would take his part.
  • The armies of Atahualpa, led by two famous soldiers called Quiz-Quiz and Chalcuchima, had met and defeated the troops of Huascar in a series of bloody battles.
  • Huayna on his deathbed, after a glorious reign of forty years, made the fatal mistake of dividing his dominion between Huascar, to whom was given ancient Peru, and Atahualpa, who took Quito to the north.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Atahualpa | Atahualpa Sentence

  • Atahualpa was literally stupefied.
  • Atahualpa returned victorious.
  • Atahualpa saw him leave with the greatest regret.
  • The character of Atahualpa may be learned from his career.
  • There was no help for it; Atahualpa had to die.
  • The woman was a half-sister of Atahualpa and Huascar.
  • Such was Atahualpa, the supreme autocrat of Peru.
  • Guacan y Atahualpa.
  • A vast deal of sympathy, indeed, has been wasted upon Atahualpa.
  • Atahualpa was led forth in fetters and chained to the stake.
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