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  • More than that no athlete can do.
  • Democrates kissed the athlete on both cheeks.
  • The rest was easy for any athlete in training.
  • The athlete gave a forced laugh.
  • Then the athlete turned to Democrates.
  • I've been an athlete myself and I'm no chicken yet.
  • The Young Athlete of Millvale High.
  • He was as fastidious mentally as a trained athlete is physically.
  • So the athlete hurls the hammer because he greatly outweighs it.
  • And on the head of the statue of the young athlete was carved a wreath.
  • Teen-age athlete inveigled into posing for dirty pictures.
  • Being the giant and the athlete of the company, the march had not tired him.
  • The man might have been a minor poet instead of an athlete of the first water.
  • He defeated even Hector, who was the greatest athlete of Troy.
  • You know what it is, for you're a celebrated athlete yourself.

How To Use Athlete In A Sentence?

  • That autograph is one of those weapons which an athlete in the circus cannot afford to lay down.
  • The blossoms that had covered the athlete shook over her like a cloud as his face met hers.
  • He was too good an athlete to waste his speed by one fierce burst at the outset.
  • He was a fine young fellow, an athlete and a gentleman, but he overdid athletics.
  • The sail filled with a roar, and the boat leaped away like an athlete at a pistol-shot.
  • The athlete sitting beside Democrates merely blushed and drew closer to his friend.
  • Sweat streamed into his eyes, and, athlete though he was, his leg muscles ached cruelly.
  • Side by side the handsome young athlete and the Cree woman sat and exchanged stories.
  • Von Stein was by far the larger man, but Parker had been an athlete all his life.
  • Themistocles, Democrates, and Glaucon were in one skiff, the athlete at the oars.
  • You know when an athlete is going to run in a long race, he doesn't just go out and run.
  • The athlete put his strength upon the oars till the heavy skiff shot across the black void of the water.
  • It certainly is not due to physique, nor to brute strength, else only the athlete would have sufficient power.
  • The star athlete is appointed steward of a college clubhouse on ample pay, his duties being to sign checks once a month.
  • He was a huge youth, an athlete and a gentleman, and his hard clean-shaven face could be kind and serious.
  • Even while the fantastic notion flashed through his mind, a shoreward jump barely achievable by a first-rate athlete became a sheer impossibility.
  • The athlete could hear the voice of the elderly man, who with his free hand had torn the gag from his mouth, roaring encouragement.
  • The time had come to show himself a man, and, like an athlete who goes forth to win, his thoughts were on the battle.
  • He was a handsome young athlete of twenty-five, with the reputation of having played in the Rugby International.
  • Many were there who were interested in him because they had known him through the years, and because he bore the reputation of being the honor man of his class and the finest athlete in school.
  • The athlete had already mounted the citadel heading a myrtle-crowned procession to bear a formal thanksgiving, but his wife had not then been with him.
  • The Church liked to compare the Christian to an athlete struggling in silence with the world, the flesh, and the devil.
  • Valeda, friend of the heroine, has a sad, depressing affair with an adolescent schoolgirl athlete friend, named Mildred.
  • He was not an athlete because already at twenty-three the crippling disease with which he battled twenty years had got its grip on him, but all the more he was an outdoor man.

Definition of Athlete

A participant in a group of sporting activities which includes track and field, road running, cross country running and racewalking. | (US, Canada) A person who actively participates in physical sports, especially with great skill; a sportsperson. | An exceptionally physically fit person.
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