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Definition of Athletics

(sports) Physical activities such as sports and games requiring stamina, fitness and skill. | A group of sporting activities including track and field, road running, cross country and racewalking.

How To Use Athletics In A Sentence?

  • The old distinction between amateur and professional athletics is of little use.
  • But does the advertising gained through intercollegiate athletics injure or aid a college?
  • Is it therefore necessary for all institutions to give up intercollegiate athletics permanently?
  • The question is pertinent whether schools and colleges should promote athletics as business.
  • The springtime athletics found the best of them choosing between the boat crew and the ball team.
  • As you know, if you want to win in athletics you have to train hard and practice daily.
  • When athletics seemed the end of existence, friendship was based on football and baseball.
  • This story takes in high school athletics in their most approved and up-to-date fashion.
  • Our athletics develop the few, and benefit us but little, if at all, as a people.
  • But the average attainment of the Dozen in the field of athletics was far more than satisfactory.
  • The craze for athletics has inculcated in English boys the admiration for physical strength.
  • As a purifier of athletics I think the ribbon system might be a good thing to try.
  • The chief charge against intercollegiate athletics is their demoralizing effect on the scholarship of the entire institution.
  • A few of the more notable coaches of the country are aware of the possibilities of athletics controlled by the faculty for educational purposes.
  • There is no evidence that the intercollegiate athletics of to-day inculcate in many men this kind of college spirit.
  • It is when we rightly estimate the possibilities of athletics as education that the present tyranny of athletics as business becomes intolerable.
  • The faculty have charge of the college as an educational institution; athletics is for business and therefore separately controlled.
  • If intercollegiate athletics can then be conducted as incidental and contributory to the main purposes of athletics, well and good.
  • When at college he was a hail-fellow-well-met, a leader in athletics and in matters upon which faculties frown.
  • He was not a great athlete, partly because his health was always weak, partly because athletics were then in their infancy.
  • Colleges must sooner or later heed that call: their athletics must be for education, not for business.
  • All the serious evils of college athletics centre about the gate-receipts, the grandstand, and the paid coach.
  • Let our colleges first adopt whatever measures may be necessary to make athletics yield their educational values to all students and teachers.
  • But it would be narrow-minded to make objection to athletics in general, if indulged in with moderation, and in suitable surroundings.
  • The relative importance of intercollegiate athletics and other college affairs, in the minds of students, is indicated by student publications.
  • It really is not fair or profitable to judge athletics in general, or any particular sport or game, by the benefits secured by the few.
  • There is a good deal too much of the desire to win "prizes" in most of our local scholastic athletics which ought to be strongly discouraged.
  • Grider weighs about fifty pounds more than I do, and he took three initials in athletics in the university.
  • For the Fates only know that there are enough squabbles in athletics already without borrowing any from the colleges or anywhere else.
  • There the policy of athletics for everybody was adopted five years ago before there were any teachers, students, alumni, or traditions.
  • It is the firm belief of every Englishman, apparently, that certain skill in athletics of necessity qualifies him for cattle farming.
  • Besides that highly-colored effusion there was a short editorial inside in which the writer extolled athletics in general and baseball in particular.
  • Until we do learn that there is something in the game besides the winning of it, we cannot hope that our athletics will be of general benefit to the nation.
  • What athletics may achieve without the hindrance of intercollegiate games and business motives is suggested by the experience of Reed College.
  • The aims of athletics reveal the fact that the important distinctions are between athletics conducted for educational purposes and athletics conducted for business purposes.
  • And there are many of them who think vaguely that athletics must belong to England because Ranjitsinhji is an Indian.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Athletics | Athletics Sentence

  • Intercollegiate athletics to-day are for business.
  • The question of athletics is a very different one.
  • Many have no inclination for athletics after leaving school.
  • Our present system encourages most students to take their athletics by proxy.

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