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  • Henry had finished his perusal of the atlas and was thinking desperately over the problem.
  • The wires uniting the atlas and axis are smaller than those passing through the spinal column.
  • Hercules was very willing to take the world off from his shoulders and give it to Atlas again.
  • They are dispersed over the Atlas ranges, and have all the characteristics of mountaineers.
  • In the volume of text belonging to this atlas Humboldt discusses our manuscript on pp.
  • The mighty Atlas would never sustain it upon his broad shoulders if it did nobody good.
  • Ik nam mijn atlas uit de kast en een vel teekenpapier, zette mijne passerdoos gereed en begon.
  • I am no Hercules, to help Atlas in carrying the world, or to strive to do so in his place.
  • Euphemia was the daughter of King Atlas and the granddaughter of the great god Jupiter.
  • In Greek mythology they were known as the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione.
  • To the left or east of Alcyone the two most conspicuous stars are Atlas and Pleione.
  • The front of the atlas forms a small rounded cup to articulate with the rounded ball of the basioccipital bone at the back of the skull.
  • Mirabeau forgot that it was more easy to do harm than good, and thought himself the political Atlas of the whole world.
  • The atlas stated briefly that it contained 97,890 square miles, mostly arid, and a population of 92,531.
  • Milianah is a very strong fort, with a splendid view over the Atlas mountains and the plain of the Djelish.
  • Accordingly, without more words, the sky was shifted from the shoulders of Atlas and placed upon those of Hercules.
  • Alleen hij, die juist een beurt had, zat onrustig aan zijn atlas te friemelen, die dicht voor hem lag.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Atlas | Atlas Sentence

  • World atlas and gazetteer.
  • To discover it on an atlas is no easy task.
  • A copy of the atlas will be sent to either address.
  • Commercial atlas of America.
  • New era atlas of the world; new maps.
  • His next visit was to an Atlas terminus.
  • At high moments it is Atlas supporting the earth.
  • Mount Atlas Cedar, 29.
  • The Agnese Atlas of 1529 may be cited as an example.
  • Gold is found in the Atlas and the Lower Sous.
  • Historical atlas of Westmoreland County, Virginia.
  • Map No. 7 in the Atlas of the Philippine Islands.
  • The bare recollection of that experience gives me toothache in the atlas bone.
  • Sousan is the most beautifully picturesque of all the Atlas range.
  • Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide.
  • One of those home heroines who do the work of Atlas without knowing it.
  • The United States had been cut out when the atlas was bought for him.
  • The angular distance from Atlas to Pleione is 5'.
  • Antonio Laperis' atlas published at Rome. 1558.
  • In Saunders' Hand Atlas Series.
  • What the atlas omitted, however, was supplied by Wallie's imagination.
  • It actually appears as a star of the 8th magnitude in Harding's Atlas (1822).

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A rich satin fabric.
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