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  • Once they were attacked by wolves.
  • Here he was again attacked by that excruciating cough.
  • It was like being attacked by a bulldozer.
  • Then we were attacked by an epidemic of virtue.
  • To be attacked by the very people whom we smuggle for!
  • Platinum is attacked by fused alkalis.
  • Few escaped being attacked by this fell disease.
  • A bald carpenter was attacked by a mosquito.
  • On the way we were attacked by a couple of pirate junks.
  • If a burro hates anything it is to be attacked by a dog.
  • An instance is given where a man was attacked by a wolf.
  • Third, the trees are often attacked by caterpillars.
  • I was never attacked by bats, except on this occasion.
  • Thereupon Florent was attacked by a sort of rage.
  • He and two others were attacked by Sioux.
  • Attacked by the Ainu, 13-15.
  • The next day I was attacked by fever.
  • F Shoal where Clifford was attacked by octopus.
  • His house at Bourne was frequently attacked by the Normans.
  • The French attacked, by order of Joan.
  • Royal Society attacked by Dr. King, 42.
  • Oxley, Dr., House of, attacked by burglars, 43.
  • Brunai attacked by Admiral Sir Thomas Cochrane.
  • Salisbury, the Dean of, attacked by Mar-Prelate, 115.
  • U. S. Cruiser, members of crew attacked by Chileans, 302.
  • It is readily attacked by chlorine but not by oxidizing agents.
  • They reported that they had been attacked by fifteen hundred savages.
  • They were presently attacked by a swarm of natives in boats.
  • When attacked by this disease the tree makes no progress.
  • At any moment he may find himself attacked by a squadron of airplanes.
  • Very rarely have its decisions and policy been attacked by any organized party.
  • Ottomar was attacked by his so-called moment-of-annihilation.
  • It might be pointed out that the physical body is attacked by diseases.
  • The town wherein he was lodged with his knights was attacked by the enemy.
  • My father is old and is doubtless attacked by a sudden chill.
  • Kaldhein was being attacked by my protector, the invisible dog.
  • It is harder and less readily attacked by acids than limestone.

How To Use Attacked By In A Sentence?

  • Within a few minutes you will be attacked by a force outnumbering you more than two to one.
  • While still in the cradle he had been attacked by smallpox of the most malignant type.
  • The establishment had another advantage in that it was sometimes attacked by bandits.
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