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  • They seem in about a fortnight after their birth to attain nearly the size of their mothers.
  • To attain this true religion the human race has had to travel far and to make many experiments.
  • The larvae now gradually attain the pupa stage, and remain inactive until their full development.
  • Few sons attain the praise Of their great sires, and most their sires disgrace.
  • That Beauty is the normal state, is shown by the perpetual effort of Nature to attain it.
  • Could any enthusiasm of poet or skill of painter attain the sublime elevation of such a scene as that?
  • Unfortunately, to attain this virtue he has to pass through the phase of thinking of himself, and that is misdirected genius.
  • Story-telling may attain the character of a disease, in one who has a retentive memory and a voluble vocabulary.
  • We shall move rapidly; for our rehearsal will best attain the object we have in view by its brevity and condensation.
  • By natural religion has generally been understood such religion as human reason could attain to without supernatural aid.
  • But after the trees or the grafts attain an age of 15 years or more, graft union failures are numerous.
  • But he may safely say that the size of horses will never attain to infinity, nor the heads of sheep to nothing.
  • There are beings whose mental eyes are covered with scarcely any dust, but if the doctrine is not preached to them they cannot attain salvation.
  • We know, of course, that the flies do not begin to puncture the husk until they attain a certain degree of softness.
  • To attain this end, do not allow your brain to work at night, or your mind to be besieged by painful thoughts.
  • But why did not these excellent principles attain better results in Luther's own time?
  • There are two roads by which men may attain riches and honor: the one by letters, the other by arms.
  • Few attain to a balance of principles or recognize truly how in all human things there is a thesis and antithesis, a law of action and of reaction.
  • He who had dreamt not of a viceroyship alone, but to attain to the highest place next to the Emperor.
  • Why should evil be permitted, then, in order to attain an end, which it is conceded can be perfectly attained without it?
  • After all, in oratorio Handel's best music is that in which he seeks to attain the sublime.
  • Yarns are sold according to their "actual" counts, though when they are woven into cloth they frequently attain nominal or brevet rank.
  • If such primitive means can attain such satisfactory results, what could not modern agricultural science be made to do for Persia?
  • As the affair is now set agoing, it is but natural that I should do all I can to attain my desired object.
  • The expense of printing was increased by this arrangement, but it seemed to be more important to attain absolute security against fraud than to save money.
  • First among the aims for which he had been striving, and to attain to which he had hazarded so much, there must have been the hope that she should make a brilliant match.
  • The attempt at universal separation is the final annihilation of all reasoning; for only by the union of conceptions with one another do we attain to discourse of reason.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Attain | Attain Sentence

  • Is it not possible to attain this?
  • Probably that is not so easy to attain everywhere.
  • The larvae attain their full size after moulting twice.
  • It is not enough to attain failure, we should deserve it.
  • To attain a new end, new means are required.
  • With the 2nd year plants attain 1-1/4-1-1/2 m.
  • Women have ways of understanding each other that men never attain to.
  • How many obstacles had to be overcome in order to attain it!
  • He would attain a higher standard in his studies and examinations.
  • Under these, conditions many plants do not attain a high degree of dormancy.
  • He strove for perfection; and like all who so strive, he began to attain it.
  • Sub-postmasters in the rural districts of Bristol attain to great ages.
  • You see things with an acute and piercing clearness which I cannot attain to.

Definition of Attain

(transitive) To accomplish; to achieve. | To get at the knowledge of; to ascertain. | (transitive) To reach or come to, by progression or motion; to arrive at.
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