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Definition of Attaining

present participle of attain

How To Use Attaining In A Sentence?

  • Even on the 31st these discussions seemed to have some chance of attaining their object.
  • Unhappiness is the result of not attaining what one desires, or of losing it when attained.
  • It behoves us therefore to consider what means must be used for attaining this end.
  • The first measure not having succeeded, you ought to take some other means of attaining your end.
  • For the gnostic mode of attaining divine truth, as above stated, contains in it such a denial.
  • A few days later he broke the previous record for altitude, attaining an elevation of 380 feet.
  • Far in the distance we could see hills rising between hills, but never attaining any great height.
  • In Holland he became a silk worker and on attaining his majority set up for himself in that trade.
  • It is in the hope of attaining this end that I give to the public the fruit of my long researches.
  • The evening was spent in discussing the best means of attaining the object for which they were seeking.
  • The conscious knowledge of familiarity of process is an essential for attaining the complete benefits of experience.
  • Thus an habitual practice in the lower exercises of the art will prevent many from attaining the greater.
  • Resolute in her plan, she felt the extreme importance of attaining courage and calmness for its execution.
  • What were the causes of the perfection of the antique sculpture, and what would be the best means of attaining it?
  • From that prayer resulted not only the attaining of the convalescence of the soldiers, but also the peace and quiet that was sought.
  • At home they have no means whatsoever provided for their attaining a clerical education, or indeed any education at all.
  • Navy signalers have become very efficient with this form of communication, attaining a speed of over fifteen words a minute.
  • The aim of the proposal is certainly one to be desired, and the method for attaining it promises many beneficial results.
  • He was possessed of a fair technical education for that day, and he eagerly set himself to attaining the means to accomplish his end.
  • The most ignorant boor has some conception of his object in living, and definite ideas as to the easiest and wisest way of attaining that object.
  • And as the pursuit is interminable, the pursuer never attaining his aim, it would be in time regarded as a penance.
  • Should she die unmarried before attaining her twenty-first birthday, the money bequeathed to her was to be distributed among certain charities.
  • A beginning was made in attaining the true view of the Bible which led further and has not yet reached its limits.
  • They attracted disciples, to whom they communicated the methods for attaining the condition which leads to Initiation.
  • I was rapidly attaining the comfortable home feeling at Oaklands, which makes life in castle or hut a rapture.
  • Nothing attaining such perfection as to secure it from the teeth of criticks, the three pieces I have now mentioned, have been attacqued by them.
  • After attaining this form, its small abdomen begins to enlarge until it assumes a globular form, and the mass of mites look like little beads.
  • To the Imperial Government a direct interchange of ideas would seem the most appropriate way of attaining the desired result.
  • The one belonged to a family who were remarkable for attaining a great age; and she always confidently reckoned on her lot being the same as that of her predecessors.
  • Let him who can tread firm in conscious soundness of mind leave the stealthy course for those to whom nature has given no better means of attaining their end.
  • In the course of this month Gallia would travel 16,500,000 leagues, attaining at the end a distance of 197,000,000 leagues from the sun.
  • But if we neglect these modes, we may go on, for years, adding pill to pill, and dose to dose, without ever attaining the end at which we aim.
  • If he had not absolutely a genius for music, he certainly had a genius for attaining perfection in all he did, which was perhaps the next best thing.
  • And not only are we prevented from attaining this one object, but in other respects our life is enriched and gladdened, so that we might be expected to be content.
  • Roughly speaking, success in attaining the aims of athletics as education is in inverse proportion to success in attaining the aims of athletics as business.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Attaining | Attaining Sentence

  • He was attaining love.
  • Moien = means for attaining an end, p. 2.
  • They will abandon the idea of attaining any object by prayer and supplication.
  • Now certainly Englishwomen are peculiarly capable of attaining to this.
  • CONVICTION is human will attaining to its highest reach.

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