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  • His qualities and attainments were such as to amaze the most accomplished minds.
  • But these attainments can never be made until teaching is elevated to the rank of a profession.
  • His manners were courtly and refined, and his scholastic attainments wide and various.
  • His professional attainments were high; his personal character without a stain.
  • His name was Wellwood, and the less said of his character and attainments the better.
  • His attainments were far above his age, and often elicited the admiration of the Rahans.
  • By no one were his attainments held in higher respect than by the Lieutenant-Governor.
  • He was a son of Winthrop of Massachusetts, and was a man of rare attainments and courtly manners.
  • Certainly you have an undoubted right to your opinion of my ability, my attainments and my standing.
  • Nothing is doing more to advance the attainments of the cherished ideal of international amity than is the development of transportation.
  • There is but one way of doing this, and that is raising the personal characters and attainments of teachers themselves.
  • He utilised his exceptional gifts and attainments to such purpose that all envy at his good fortune disappeared.
  • I have never heard that a literary man was made to believe in the genuineness of the attainments of a charlatan.
  • Brederode was already archdeacon of the cathedral and an eminently worthy choice, both for his attainments and for his character.
  • In athletic pursuits an inferior, in all intellectual attainments he was pulling far ahead of his friend.
  • If you cross-examine the duke and the coster, you will find that they are not concerned for the scholastic attainments of their children.
  • In athletic pursuits an inferior, in all intellectual attainments he was pulling far ahead of his friend.
  • These may vary from the idle tattle of the day, to the highest attainments in literature or science.
  • For a man of his power and attainments he was as a speaker, and in conversation, surprisingly awkward.
  • His attainments in all the amusements of a gentleman probably had more to do with these advancements, however, than any professional skill.
  • Wealth does not make a home, nor culture, nor any of the intellectual attainments for which we may strive unceasingly.
  • His scholastic attainments were pronounced to be of very superior order, but not being blessed with a prepossessing appearance, he was rejected.
  • The commander anxiously awaited the coming of the surgeon from his galley, as he thought his medical attainments superior to those of the chaplain.
  • His face, cleanly shaved, was expressive of the scholarly attainments which made his decisions a national standard.
  • But when a woman is not beautiful, other women will never discuss the good opinion you may have of her mental attainments and sweet disposition.
  • So rapid indeed were the strides he made that the news of his attainments reached the ears of Pharaoh.
  • He has gained his well-earned fame, less by the shining attainments of his intellect than by the amiable qualities of a loving heart.
  • It must be owned, and no one was more ready to confess it than himself, that his literary attainments were by no means of a high order.
  • The higher knowledge and attainments of merchant captains, and the increase of refuge harbours, are the chief sources of this security.
  • Efforts were made to raise the intellectual attainments of the Russian clergy and to make use of it toward the enlightenment of the people.
  • We find that power expanded in Buddha to an unlimited extent, because his mental attainments were boundless.
  • The objects of desire, therefore, embrace all those attainments and gratifications, which mankind consider worthy of being sought after.
  • His attainments in these seem to be of a superior order, and he seems also to have made considerable progress in the Latin rudiments.
  • For the news did not surprise me, and in a friend of such noble bearing and high attainments I was well content to recognize an overlord.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Attainments | Attainments Sentence

  • He possessed scholarly attainments of a high order.
  • Such indeed are their condition and attainments in their vain and empty life.
  • What use has it got for old fellows of intellectual attainments like myself?
  • How few, she cried, how circumscribed, are the attainments of women!
  • Dr. Livingstone possesses all the attainments of a traveller.
  • Arthur's attainments in the modern languages appear to have been considerable.

Definition of Attainments

plural of attainment
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