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  • And you never attempted again.
  • He attempted to take her in his arms.
  • I have attempted simply to instruct.
  • I have not attempted to rear them at a greater age.
  • Then when I attempted to do so she averted her face.
  • I might as well have attempted to fill out his clothes as his characters.
  • Helen attempted an expression of extreme gravity with more or less success.
  • I might as well have attempted to parry a cudgel with a small sword.
  • He had not occupied nor had he attempted to occupy the Cove Creek road.
  • In vain the French attempted to support them by taking the Guards in flank.
  • In Oct., he attempted a cross-Atlantic voyage, but failed.
  • But I haven't attempted to answer you, because every minute is precious.

How To Use Attempted In A Sentence?

  • This was partly the reason why he never attempted to take any measures on board.
  • She attempted to leap down at one bound from the spot where she was first seen.
  • He looked down upon the face of the man who had deserted him, and attempted to murder him.
  • Foster has attempted a reply to this defence of the doctrine in question, but without success.
  • I never attempted to write poetry; my poetry seemed all to go off by transpiration.
  • Byrne ran to the bed and attempted to lift up, to push off the horrible lid smothering the body.
  • This he demonstrated, one morning, when the schooners attempted to put to sea.
  • An attempted attack by the Russians on the railway station at Miloslaw was frustrated.
  • Lowell attempted a large task in the "Biglow Papers," and on the whole he succeeded well.
  • Having attempted to explain a fact which has no existence, it is no wonder that they should have involved themselves in clouds and darkness.
  • It had passed several potential shelters but had not attempted to use them, presumably because it was not familiar with the area.
  • But no sooner did he see who it was than he gave a joyful bark and attempted to spring forward to meet him, but fell from weakness.
  • Individuals when caught twisted their bodies and attempted to bite; upon grabbing a finger they held on with great tenacity.
  • Jones next attempted a movement to get into position to rake his antagonist from stem to stern, which resulted in a momentary collision.
  • The Russians attempted to defend the passage of rivers and swamps that impeded the march of the foe.
  • Only one band attempted to show fight and they were quickly routed with one killed and two wounded, left on the field.
  • Two or three hours later several of us attempted to slip past the sentries in the darkness, but were stopped before we reached the water.
  • He even attempted to draw his sword and defend himself when arrested; but was secured and thrown into prison, with several of his followers.
  • These he had attempted to remove when he went home in the evening, but though he often worked till daybreak, he did not achieve much.
  • She attempted to make him explain this peremptory point of view, but Archie was not very good at explaining.
  • Are you aware that he was trying to knock Jacob overboard only a few minutes ago, and that he attempted his life at the diggings?
  • Emily looked at Julia inquiringly, and going over to the piano, attempted to play her favourite polka.
  • Whilst the stage waited, old Tim attempted to do something to the lamp on that side, and in turning it down he put it out.
  • The fact is, I had attempted to give point to language which had no point, and nature to scenes which had no nature.
  • In these early days, so unused were polar bears to man, that though thirty of their comrades attempted a rescue, the prey was not abandoned.
  • His son, also a Quaker, heard of the imprisonment mentioned in this poem and attempted to rescue his father.
  • This was complied with, and in the pride of success, Boswell attempted to imitate some other animals, but with less success.
  • If this sect includes anybody who has attempted the business without failing in it, I suspect that he must have given up keeping a conscience.

Definition of Attempted

Tried, with the connotation of failure. | simple past tense and past participle of attempt
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