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  • I was not in attendance on the Queen at this time.
  • In Santurce the attendance has been somewhat irregular.
  • There was an unusually full attendance of the Board.
  • Or perhaps he is dancing attendance upon Lady Mabel.
  • The average attendance at the meetings was 50 to 60 persons.
  • To dance attendance on their lordship's pleasures.
  • The intimacy of this sort of attendance helped the growth of my authority.
  • He was exemplary for his decent attendance on the public worship of God.
  • Consequently the attendance was excellent, and included Dicky.

How To Use Attendance In A Sentence?

  • There was not at the time a continuous attendance of clerks at the glass partition.
  • Also he was not regular in his attendance at church, though he acted as churchwarden.
  • When the attendance of a servant is required, it is signified by the master clapping his hands.
  • The attendance was in every case enormous, but the meetings were all orderly and calm.
  • The head physician to the celestial wits, and always in attendance upon a crisis.
  • I was surprised to observe the very small attendance usually in the House of Lords.
  • I am not sure, my dear friend, whether or not I mentioned in my last letter the attendance of Wm.
  • He had spent most of the day at the Bag of Nails, dancing attendance on the High Mobsmen.
  • We were always compelled to do this when my princess desired to escape from the attendance of her court.
  • The eating of a few dinners and attendance at certain lectures are no tax on the student's time.
  • It is owing to this latter that there is such an outpouring of the ward, with attendance of barrier guards and firemen.
  • His attendance on the master to the offices of the palace stables accomplished, for the time being he had returned.
  • The average daily attendance in all the schools of the island during the past year has been not more than twenty to twenty-five thousand.
  • In this very building are housed and in constant attendance a large number of doctors, surgeons and orderlies.
  • I therefore waited one evening on the countess in the antechamber and entreated her to relinquish her personal attendance upon her father.
  • I was not so frequent in my attendance upon the old lady, excusing myself on account of the duties of the convent which devolved upon me.
  • The audiences in some cases are largely of men, but as a rule the attendance of women averages one-third to one-half.
  • The scholars always dropped off as summer came, to work in the crops; and the attendance of late had been slim.
  • On that occasion he spoke exceedingly well, but the attendance was small, an evening session having been assigned for debate upon that subject.
  • Quite the contrary: I consider myself as having made my report, and being discharged from further attendance on the subject.
  • He elbowed in the throng till he met his junior, and bade him be in attendance early at the Four-courts.
  • I think that I am safe in saying that the interest and also the attendance has probably increased 100 per cent.
  • She is beloved of all, full of piety and good works, constant in attendance at church, regular in her confession and at mass.
  • Order my carriage," she commanded, "and the caleche, and ask the attendance of my first lady-in-waiting.
  • Once in the institution, the patients got better food, something like a bed, medical attendance daily, and a more comfortable room.
  • Accordingly training schools for these volunteers have been started in many places in this country and the attendance has been surprisingly large and regular.
  • She had always been a favored member of the gang, and the men had whistled attendance on her hardly less than upon Ruth Tolliver herself.
  • He affirmed that the ravages of chronic disease had progressed too far for his treatment to conquer them, and that his attendance was advised by the family physician.
  • Then judicious attendance at churches, chapels and prayer-meetings beyond the Jago borders was rewarded by coal-tickets, boots, and the like.
  • At eleven years Matazaemon unwillingly had sought and found a place for her in attendance on her ladyship of the great Hosokawa House.
  • It was not to my encouragement that there were those doing a far larger business with doses simply crucifying, and because crucifying, a far larger attendance was the direct result.

Definition of Attendance

The state of attending; presence. | The count or list of individuals present for an event. | The frequency with which one has been present for a regular activity or set of events.
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